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MacBook Pro with Nvidia vs other laptops for linux

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  • MacBook Pro with Nvidia vs other laptops for linux


    I'm possibly about to sell my old MacBook Pro with an ATI GPU. My original plan had been to get the new MBP with an Nvidia card but now I'm having second thoughts. The MBP is a great notebook but it has a few major quirks such as a form factor that generates heat, a screen that will tilt back to 120 degrees at most (this is very inconvient) and a relatively low 1440x900 resolution (for a 15"). My ideal notebook would probably be the MBP with 1600x1200 display and without this stupid tilt restriction on the display. Oh, and it would run linux extermely well ;-> Any recommendations?

    The thing is the MBP is very light for a 15" (5.4 lb) and also very nice looking so I'm curious if I can find something comparable but more linux friendly. Dell has promised linux support but its machines are heavier (starting at over 6 lb - in this weight range I could get the 17" MBP with 1920x1200, albeit at a much higher price) and generaly look ugly. So, can anyone sell me on their favourite linux laptop?

    Incidentally if you google for "best linux laptop" it seems quite hard to find a good comparison of laptops in terms of linux support so it might be useful to use this thread to provide some comparisons.