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Running ARM Linux Benchmarks On The HP TouchPad

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  • Running ARM Linux Benchmarks On The HP TouchPad

    Phoronix: Running ARM Linux Benchmarks On The HP TouchPad

    While Hewlett-Packard recently announced they will be killing off their webOS devices, just days prior to that I had ordered an HP TouchPad 16GB to carry out some additional ARM-based Linux benchmarks. Although HP's devices may be going away, I am still fond of webOS and it's a fair environment to carry out performance tests.

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    There are some Tegra2 benchmarks on openbenchmarking run under Ubuntu. If you want some additional data, I could try to run those (an AC100, Ubuntu Natty, 2.6.37 kernel, on external SD card so HDD-dependent benchmarks not so good/informative)

    EDIT: I have killed Android on the system so I can not compare to its native OS if phoronix would develop support for it. Otherwise I think that will be quite interesting: comparing a glibc-based "normal" GNU/Linux with the bionic-based Android (can php be compiled with bionic?).
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      a followup on my previous edit: anyone compared coretutils-based "normal" distros with busybox-based ones (for example TinyCore, Sabotage or Aboriginal) with Phoronix using comparable hardware and settings?


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        Huh, cache writes under Atom really must suck to lose to a slower ARM.


        busybox shouldn't matter to PTS, the tests don't (usually) call the utils, they do their own things directly. If you tested for example grep directly, bb would lose, as it is optimized for size instead of speed - I believe bb grep is a simple loop, while GNU grep has sophisticated algorithms (can't recall the names).


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          I managed to get a few Touchpads for family and friends. There are some replacement kernels that allow overclocking the Snapdragon up to 1.9Ghz. It would be interesting to see some benchmarks on how clocks scale to performance.


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            I think HP is crazy getting out of the market as they have one of the better tablets. People are just not buying as the price is too high and people feel the tablets are too restricted. Companies need to allow people to flash the devices to suit their needs.


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              So, an Android version of PTS is in the works?


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                I bought one of these HP Touchpad tablets... After using it for a week and a half now, I can definitely say I would have paid $300 for this tablet if I knew all the cool stuff it could do... I got mine for $150 and at the time that was only because I heard Android would be ported to it...

                I had no idea these tablets are as good as they are...

                After using WebOS for a week and a half, there's no way I would put Android on this HP Touchpad. Worth every penny twice over at $150 and running WebOS, that's for sure..

                I've got Debian Chroot on my HP Touchpad and I've been running IceWM.. It's pretty snappy... I installed Unison, LibreOffice, KanjiPad, gWaei, and some other Linux apps that don't yet have a decent WebOS equivalent.. The Preware apps are great, but some of them are a little buggy... Thankfully my Debian Chroot fills in the gaps and gives me all the apps I'd ever really want on a tablet..

                I really hope HP changes their mind and makes more of these tablets.

                After using it for a while, I just don't see why people wanted Android on this tablet so much.... WebOS is much better on tablets. Even Android Honeycomb is better suited for a phone than a tablet compared to WebOS. The multi-tasking on these WebOS tablets is as close to perfect as I've ever seen.
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