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Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Has No Power Regression Fix

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    Originally posted by pbryan View Post
    Since Ubuntu is now consistently going off the reservation, perhaps they should consider developing their own kernel too, you know like Unity, only lower-level.

    I presume that since this is upstream and difficult to solve, that:

    a) it's outside of the Ubuntu development community's expertise to solve without hairy workarounds, and
    b) it's affecting virtually every modern Linux distribution?

    Didn't Michael have some experimental patches he was working on to solve this, or was it just the results of his profiling correlated against patchsets?
    LOL the patch was reverting the code that disabled the feature on devices who's bios declares it isn't supported


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      They actually do have some useful kernel patches, for example the async initramfs loading one. Can speed up boot a second or so. Been shipping in 6-7 U releases, and no attempt at upstreaming at any point of course