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Samsung Continues Sponsoring Enlightenment

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    I know this has been mostly about phones or such. But, Anything to help out the E-team imo is a good thing.
    I still use E16 as my main WM with kde4 as a close second. I play with E17 on occasion but am waiting for the full stable release before fully moving to it.

    Just my 2c

    I loves my E.


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      Originally posted by bleubugs View Post
      Samsung is funding Enlightenment as their main toolkit for their Linux Mobile initiative SLP. The EFL are part, thanks to Samsung, of the LiMo4 standard. And they are using it to build a complete graphical UI from scratch that have absolutely nothing to do with Bada.
      That's awesome!
      Enlightenment has been my favorite desktop for years now. A few month ago there was a news entry on rasterman's website (11th february) that samsung was developing a linux based os like meego with EFL so I guess this is the one you're talking about. I'm glad to see that it's still being worked on. I only wish there was more news about it. So far I only found this paper.