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Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

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  • Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

    Phoronix: Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

    On the same day as the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 release, the developers behind Linaro, which is also sponsored by Canonical, released their first alpha of Linaro 11.05...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Linaro, which is also sponsored by Canonical
    No, it's not sponsored by Canonical. Or were do you see it being mentioned on ?


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      mark shuttleworth's a bit of an arse not mentioning Genesi's ARM HW/OS work and developer units etc, or their existing OEM ARM/PPC links in several of the mentioned companies Freescale, IBM ...

      "mark shuttleworth said:...
      Having played with a prototype ARM netbook, I was amazed at how cool it felt. Even though it was just a prototype it was super-thin, and ran completely cool. It felt like a radical leap forward for the state of the art in netbooks. So I’m a fan of fanless computing, and can’t wait to get one off the shelf ..."


      and the real Ubuntu 10.10 already ported this efikaMX Freescale Arm A8 800Mhz SOC etc


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        They aren't sponsors, but Canonical are working along side Linaro developers:

        Originally posted by Linaro FAQ
        Q4. What is the role of Canonical?

        A4. Canonical are an engineering partner working alongside Linaro software developers. Linaro software developers are made up of a mixture of developers from Core and Club Member companies as well as an expanding Community Membership