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    Originally posted by TechMage89 View Post
    I'm trying to figure out how this machine compares to a Macbook Pro. Once I earn some money, I'm in the market for a well-built workhorse machine for doing everything from browsing the web to playing games to editing video to running CAD software.
    Well, it has home and end buttons.

    After seing some poorly built Dells, Toshibaa, and HPs, I feel like the only really reliable laptop manufacturers are Lenovo and Apple.
    If you need a well-built machine, check the business lines of those companies. I have used some very high-quality Dell and HP machines in the past.

    All consumer-class notebooks more or less suck as far as build quality is concerned.

    Obviously, this has a business-class GPU, but I'm not really sure what kind of benefits that actually gets me (the difference between consumer-grad and busisness-grade GPUs seems rather intangible to me).
    You can run OpenGL quad-buffer stereo and get better performance in some commercial apps (check whether your CAD software can benefit from this).


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      Well, I already have a business class HP machine (tc4400, not my choice), and the build quality is terrible on it, too.

      I'm inclined to trust Lenovo on build quality more. Apple is mostly pretty good on that, too, since it seems like all of their high-end machines are built to a higher standard. Of course, Apple has made some bad design choices, so you have to be careful, but I think the current MBP is a fairly well proven design.

      My requirements are a bit tricky to balance, since I need something relatively portable as well as powerful. That's where the MBP seems to fit well, but I'm not sure how portable this Lenovo is (I haven't gotten to handle one yet).


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        Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Notebook only upgrade the hard drive and others?


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          Originally posted by karl View Post
          Did you experienced this issue with the Thinkpad W510 ?
          Keep up to date with the latest announcements & discussions on the hot topics.

          Also I find it strange that for the PHP compile, 7-Zip and GnuPG tests the Thinkpad W510 (with HDD 320GB Hitachi HTS72503) is the same with ZaReason Verix (with HDD 80GB Intel SSDSA2MH08 SSD). I would had expected ZaReason Verix to show better results in those tests.
          i also doubt the test, need more details.