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Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook problems

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  • Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook problems

    I'm trying out the netbook version of ubuntu 10.10 and I actually think this is much worse than the 10.04 version. I may be really stupid but I can't find nautilus!! The only way to open it is clicking on the trash icon on the side launcher. If I type "nautilus" or "file manager" in the applications thingy the only results that show up have nothing to do with nautilus itself. What the hell am I doing wrong?? This is driving me nuts. Where the hell is nautilus??!!
    Also, the interface is sooooooooo sloooooow. Switching to the fancy home screen from an open app takes a million years, and if I type to search for something it takes a few seconds until the letters actually appear on the search box, and then some more seconds until the results appear. The simple icon animations of the launcher are also very choppy sometimes, and most times they're just not smooth.

    PS: I was able to put a nautilus launcher on the side bar by clicking on the trash icon and then right clicking the nautilus icon that shows up and choosing to keep it in the launcher, but I still get no results in the search box at the applications screen, which BTW also takes a million years to open.
    This version has some nice ideas but so many usability problems that I doubt it will gain much success.

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    Yeah, I tried the LiveCD and it looks like the new interface will be useful when it's finished, but it's still incomplete and buggy.

    From what I've read I believe you can still install the old netbook interface and select that at login?


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      I gave it another shot and this time things were a little faster. The first time I had an external monitor connected during boot and that caused dri to be disabled which severely hurt the performance and responsiveness of the system. However it's still not as smooth as desirable and there are still lots of usability problems, namely the general lack of tooltips and feedback. Sometimes I click on a program to open it and, not only does it take a few seconds to open, there is also no indication that it is being opened, since I'm running a live usb image, and so there is no noise due to disk activity. I also dislike the rigidity of the interface. You can't customize much, which for me is one of the greatest features of linux distros in general.


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        I recommend to use Kubuntu with Plasma Netbook instead:


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          I tried one of the first versions of kde netbook a few months ago and it was painfully slow. I actually felt pain somewhere inside my brain from having to wait for the useless animations (running at 2fps) to end. It was also pretty sad to witness the transparent background square that surrounds icons travelling along the screen trying really hard (but failing) to keep up with the cursor. Unless it's more responsive now I'm not into masochism.