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    Originally posted by anwars99 View Post
    ...for these Marvell based devices ? I am tired of seeing simple reviews of these devices which do not even include basic NAS performance information ... Look at the size, ports, open source etc.
    I had high hopes from Phoronix especially as the review states the Phoronix test suite runs but yet again no metrics !
    Well, if Michael hasn't returned it (I'm assuming it's a review sample), he might still be able to run some numbers on it. The fun part will be finding something equivalent to compare it to. Maybe an Atom netbook/nettop running Ubuntu 9.04 for comparison. Once a comparison machine is found, a bunch of NAS/apache/DB benchmarks might be nice to have. Even something as simple as "how fast can you upload/download files over the gigabit network port from a client PC. I'm going to assume it's bottle-necked by the USB 2.0 read/write speed.

    And a random question:
    This device runs Ubuntu 9.04, and people have mentioned it can be flashed to Gentoo. How hard would it be to upgrade this device to Ubuntu 10.04?