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Jolicloud "Robby" Beta To Ship WIth Linux 2.6.32

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  • Jolicloud "Robby" Beta To Ship WIth Linux 2.6.32

    Phoronix: Jolicloud "Robby" Beta To Ship WIth Linux 2.6.32

    In early September we featured an article on Jolicloud Linux, which sought to provide innovations atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix by enriching the experience for cloud computing and through their Jolicloud service to have easy access to various web-based applications. At that time we were seeded with an early alpha build of Jolicloud, but this morning (just a day after we published the first Chrome OS benchmarks), their CEO has provided us with a pre-beta copy of Jolicloud (codenamed "Robby").The interface looks much the same as when we looked at it nearly three months ago (it's derived from the work Canonical did on Ubuntu Netbook Remix) and there are much the same applications, but continued work is going into the Jolicloud service...

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    Poulsbo drivers

    Do you know which drivers are used to support Poulsbo? Are these the well known drivers just ported (from Ubuntu & Co) or are these new drivers (from the mobiledevcamp)? If the latter is true: are they open source (at least up to a point where we only have to load some firmware-like blob so that we can be safe when updating a kernel revision etc.)?