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Work Towards Clutter 1.2 Is Underway

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  • Work Towards Clutter 1.2 Is Underway

    Phoronix: Work Towards Clutter 1.2 Is Underway

    The Clutter Toolkit, which is used by free software projects like Moblin and GNOME 3.0's Mutter for providing a very rich user-interface while eliminating the complexities of programming directly in OpenGL, reached version 1.0 back in July. While Clutter 1.0 has worked out well, work towards Clutter 1.2 has been underway and this morning the first post-1.0 development snapshot, Clutter 1.1.2, has been released. Clutter 1.1.2 doesn't break API/ABI compatibility with the 1.0 series, but there are several new additions like the ClutterLayoutManager with four layout managers at present, ClutterBox, clean-up of the Clutter OpenGL (COGL) source tree, the OpenGL ES 2.0 and EGLX back-ends have been fixed and brought into a working state, and there are many other changes and fixes that make up the Clutter 1.1.2 release. The Clutter 1.1.2 announcement with source download links can be found on the GNOME mailing list...

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    Clutter's really great, I wish there was better Vala/Genie documentation on the bindings.
    I'm wanting to program a bit with Clutter via Genie, but the best documentation/examples I have is v0.4/0.6 and PyClutter.
    AKA making even a rectangle in a stage within a window/container feels difficult.