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Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Powered ASUS Vivobook S15 Laptop Seeing Linux Patches

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    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    Even Just Josh had to call out Linus Tech Tips glowing review of these flawed products.
    to be honest its a very good and very interesting video.

    but for me its clear as a linux user do not buy it... the reason is it is not ready.

    in maybe 1 year if linux runs well then you maybe can buy it.
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      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      The only reason you see TPU's is because Microsoft invested heavily into AI and aren't seeing return in their investment. Also GPU's are far more capable of ML stuff than the TPU, but the TPU is just more power efficient at doing it. An RTX 3060 can do over 100 TOPS while the new Snapdragon chips are at 45 TOPS.

      believe me i hate microsoft ... but i say any kind of investment is great.
      i really do not know why you support a evil monopolist like nvidia but you do not support non-monopolist NPU accelerators... very strange. i know these ML/TPU/NPUs do not have a ecosystem yet.
      but this ecosystem will be open and not like the CUDA closed source monopolist bullshit.

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      What use can you think of that makes these TPU's practical to have over a GPU? The TPU's aren't small either as they take up a massive chunk of the SoC. Yet right now if you buy a Snapdragon X Elite you'll never make use of this hardware. The best I can think of is using this for FSR scaling, but again the GPU is far more capable of this.
      i agree with you that the NPU practically does nothing because the software ecosystem is not ready.

      but if you want to read what you can do with such a technology you can read here:
      AMD Neural Texture Compression Next week, AMD is set to showcase its method of using neural networks for texture compression.  It should be reminded that last year, NVIDIA presented a very similar technology in one of their research papers. The company proposed “Random-Access Neural Compression of Material Textures,” which, according to the paper, would allow […]

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      For $1,150 is this laptop with an AMD 8840hs. Another laptop with 8840hs but screen is 1080p for $800. Core Ultra 7 155h for $1k. Compared to the Microsoft Surface with similar specs, the x85 laptops are far cheaper. Intel is not fast or efficient but AMD is, and more importantly these x86 laptops work. All applications run, all games run, all productivity software runs, and more importantly Linux works.

      it is maybe cheaper if you calculate with the same amount of ram but hyperthreating cpus need the double amount of ram and if you calculate in the double amount of ram the ARM systems win per dollar.
      i have simple question for you if you want to buy a x86 system instead of qualcomm elite X then why do you not just buy it ? any discussion about it is a waste of time.

      its a waste of time to talk about this just buy your x86 notebook and be happy... i do not have a ARM notebook
      i also have no ARM desktop... i only have ARM andorid smartphone.

      be sure if i buy such a qualcomm elite x i will be 100% sure all works perfect with linux

      but right now its simple do not buy it... qualcomm elite x is not ready for linux.

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      Android being open source does not mean everything is open.
      What I mean is can I install a generic version of Android and it'll work? Can I download and install a generic Android15.iso and just install it without some guy in Russia needing to make changes to it? As far as I can tell with these new Qualcomm laptops you do.
      believe it or not but your complains are mostly artifacts of the past... with andorid 14/15 devides most of them like google pixel you can install generic andorid version and it really works.
      its of course no android15.iso
      but this:

      its called Andorid AOSP (Android Open Source Project?)

      well yes of course these qualcomm elite x laptops the standardisation is much more advance than Andorid AOSP...

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      The idea here is we don't want the PC platform being like Android and especially like iOS. It'll be the death of GNU/Linux.
      you have a missunterstanding here Microsoft is forced to become like Andorid/IOS by the market.
      this has nothing to so with GNU/Linux. it only means that GNU/Linux can ride on this wave and you then can install linux on a qualcomm elite x...
      and if Microsoft want to perform suicide by become like andorid and ios i say let them... Microsoft will die from this.

      believe it?... you better believe this... microsoft will die a slow and painfull death from become like andorid and ios.

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      Are these devices more Linux friendly than AMD and Intel? Good chance that Lunar Lake will work perfectly on Linux, day 1 of release.
      the good linux support of x86 is only historical its not AMD or Intel who invest much money into linux.

      compared to AMD and intel aRM and qualcomm really invest a lot of money into linux. but keep in mind this does not mean that the result is better... this only means that they have to invest this money because they compete with intel and amd.

      again i tell you its a waste of time and resources to talk about this if you like to buy a x86 notebook go for it.

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      Microsoft has been trying to use ARM to lock out Linux and become like Apple.
      that microsoft is a evil company is a well known fact. and that apple is evil to well i call this a fact to.

      keep in mind i have no qualcomm elite x notebook and my last apple product was a macintosh performa 5200 from 1994...

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      Becoming like Apple isn't good for Linux. Windows RT went too far and restricted applications to the Windows Store. It's all about control and Microsoft wants to break free from x86 to gain control over the PC ecosystem.
      who cares? really who cares? i do professionally support companies who are FORCED by the government to do x86 and they are also forced to do microsoft windows they all know very well that this is all bad and evil
      they pay me to mitigate this. most of them are even impressed if i build them a fedora computer they are really surprised how clean and fast all this is. without Ads and without all these preinstalled software and without all these spy technologies of microsoft...

      microsoft and apple are evil accept this. its the best selling point for linux

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      High quality... Linux hardware? This stuff doesn't work on Linux yet. Arguably, it doesn't work on Windows yet.
      that it does not work YET is not an argument for the future at all because it will work in the future.

      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      I don't care, I just wanna compute. Do these laptops have better battery life? Maybe? Maybe marginally better battery life? They are otherwise a dumpster fire. According to Moore's Law is Dead, these Snapdragon laptops aren't selling. How are Apple's sales? They're also bad. People want to run software, and not an ideology. ARM maybe good in principal, but so was PowerPC and look where that got it.
      well many people compare it to amd laptops what is wrong... these ARM devices is not the death of AMD its the death of intel. because intel really has worst battery time.

      "these Snapdragon laptops aren't selling."

      i clearly say do not buy it yet... wait until the linux support is ready and buy in 6-12 month.

      "How are Apple's sales?"

      well... if you know the truth what linux users on apple hardware told me you never buy these devices...

      apple m1 and m2 do not have AV1 decode and linux and opensource people really want AV1 decode
      even apple m3 do not have AV1 encode... means it is still bad.

      but the worst part with linux on apple hardware is the boot loader the boot loader has a dependency to MACOS to upgrade the firmware of the laptop... this means you never can truely become get rid of MACOS...

      the qualcomm elite X noteboooks are much better in that matter you can use them without windows.

      i ask you why can you not wait 1 year and then buy it for linux ???...

      linux people should have some rationality and patience ... my computer i write with you right now is 6-7 years old...

      1 year wait time is nothing in the linux world.

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