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Improved Linux Driver Support Coming For LG Gram 2024 Laptop Models

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    I wonder when Notebooks start to get mechanical keyboards, there are flat mechanical keys so I do not get why no vendor offers it, there are 1-2 gaming notebooks from MSI I remember that has it, but I want a business like device.

    It's crazy they focus on touchpads on displays like partially oled with 3000 Dollar and more prices partially but have a keyboard that looks like from a chewing gun automate, I can't take serious... and then testers claim this keyboards with 0 hub with half size keys mostly for arrow keys but also bad right ctrl keys or no such thing bad F-keys etc, they call that "good keyboard".

    Now Lenovo still don't delivers that, but they have bigger hub, and older models had function keys on top now sure with my 12,1" you also have no perfect keyboard the size is not unlimited but they don't think they need a head sized touchpad because they target only mouse users and those are better served with think-point anyway.

    3:2 seems interesting maybe it can serve both big size for keyboard and a big touch pad and mostly because the display dimensions are probably better to work with, especially for business notebooks, that said many still want to use it to play movies a lot of time there it's useless or bad.

    Again I rather have a ips display or not the biggest resolution if I can get a nice keyboard for fucks sake I even drive a X220 except I am not mobile a lot anyway, I am just to stingy to order a replacement keyboard of the Japanese layout (with more thumb keys) because it's pretty expensive and obviously I think of replacing it at some point the TN Panel with low resolution is obviously sub optimal.

    If this new Qualcomm devices could come cheap with mechanical keyboard I would consider it, I don't necessarily need much CPU power. But instead they will come with touch screen and this typical garbage keyboards.

    They totally get it for desktop PCs that people want this mechanical that they pay 100-200 Euro extra to get it on a mass scale, now sure not >50% but a huge minority buys them like there is no tomorrow also especially lot's of developers, and who buys business Notebooks? Developers maybe? And if they think that for this 2000 dollar devices nobody wants to pay the 50 dollar maybe extra, make it a build option so you have the crappy keyboard by default and have your competitive prices.

    Probably because they are totally obsesses to make this things as thin as a paper... because that is the biggest priority of all consumers in their mind...