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Qualcomm Talks Up Their Linux Support For The Snapdragon X Elite

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    Originally posted by qarium View Post
    i did read an article about that there people where surprised that this is not the case and they called this effect Grokking ‚Äčit was more or less discovered by accident.

    Grokking is related but different effect to hallucinations in AI. Yes there are two major types of AI hallucinations only one is related to Grokking.

    The problem with hallucinations with AI you ask a question one way and the AI gives the right answer you change the wording slightly and now it gives the incorrect answer.

    Yes 88% percent of the time with current methods you can detect the AI has gone and done hallucinations problem is the 22% where the AI has hallucinated and you fail to detect it.

    Problem is with how logical cpu as even a small amount of hallucination is a big problem.

    The problem with AI hallucinations is the only way to be sure self learning has none is give the AI every line it can be asked ever and at this point you might as well code an expert system it going to be faster. Yes faster to make and faster in requiring less CPU/gpu power to run.

    AI hallucinations is solid barrier to AI usages in particular fields with stable success. Programming is one of these fields. Any field where near enough is not good enough AI hallucinations is a big problem.