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Jolla's Former Management Acquires The Business

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    Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post

    The reason why blackberry died is simple. blackberry died because the market died, no one wants secure phones anymore aside from government agencies. Blackberry tried to stick with it by outsourcing the phone itself to another company and making an android device but that didn't pan out so RIM killed that off. It's really as simple as that, even if blackberry managed to make a really good android phone, without it being secure, they had nothing, and no one wanted secure.
    Secure from whom?


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      Originally posted by partcyborg View Post

      This is 100% false. Google play store and apps work flawlessly on LineageOS and AOSP roms and derivatives. I am typing this on a OnePlus 9 pro running crdroid (a lineage derivative) with full google play store. My device even passes safetynet
      Exactly, you don't write it on LineageOS. LineageOS comes without Google Play Services and you cannot install them. You either need to rebuild with the Google stuff as system-apps or you modify the system partition of LineageOS. It does NOT work on stock LineageOS without mods.


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        Originally posted by attah View Post

        It is the only mobile Linux OS daily-driven by a significant number of people. That says a lot.
        There are no significant user base for Jolla. At all.

        Again, you'd see Graphene or Lineage being the leading community forks of Android that people actually use. They are as much FOSS as Jola is. They are serious business daily driver OSes. Jolla is not.