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System76 Virgo Aims To Be The Quietest Yet Most Performant Linux Laptop

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    Originally posted by sophisticles View Post
    HP laptops, and Dell's, are very easy to upgrade, and HP/Dell seem to have a deal with MS, if you have a motherboard/cpu from either of these two, when you go to install Win 10, you can install a free copy without activation or license key, the Win 10 installer recognizes it is being installed on a HP or Dell.

    In an hour i had a Win 10 / Linux dual boot for about half what I would pay from someone like System76.

    As i said, these guys need to offer something unique, either an unbeatable price, unconventional hardware, something i can't get any place else.

    The claims about a warranty are silly, I would trust these guys warranty over Dell, HP, Asus, Sony, et al.

    i am fairly positive that no one that came to their defense in this thread has ever bought one of their products nor ever will.
    Anyone can have windows 10/11 license for free by simply upgrading 8.1 to 10. Even if your 8.1 was activated using crack. also there is KMS service which does not involve anything to be ran on your PC. I have not tried 10->11 upgrade process, maybe it also gives you free license. MS gave us this option for just one year but it works even today. They absolutely do not care whether you pay for license or not. Their main income from licensing windows is from vendors and big companies and businesses. They make much more money from people using those full of spyware OSs then the price they ask for it. If anyone is dumb enough to pay 100+$ for windows license they will gladly sell it to you

    You are forgetting that those laptops mainly HP, Asus and Sony which you have listed work like crap on linux. Right now i am writing from HP laptop which on linux works for about 4.5 hours but on windows 11 with same usage works for 8-9 hours. I've tried many things but it simply does not work. I always buy thinkpads for that reason. In fact i have 3 thinkpads near me, but this HP has better performance and it was way too cheap to not buy. So i bought it. Now i am trying to sell it and will get newer T14 gen 3 or X1 carbon gen 10 or wait for gen 11. Thinkpads are the best laptops when it comes to linux and i trust them the most.