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Improved Linux Power Savings For Intel Haswell/Broadwell Laptops In 2023

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    One tip for those with laptops more than 5 years old: If you feel that the screen hinges are stiffer than before, like needing 2 hands to pry open, it is time to either to try to loosen the hinges (in models that allow this, with a 4 to 5 mm spanner or socket), or replace the hinges, BEFORE the chassis around the hinges break due to excessive forces. After the thing breaks, is a lot harder (but not impossible) to put it back together.


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      Originally posted by stormcrow View Post

      Read the article.
      Sorry, these types of replies don't add any value other than increasing noise and comments number. I have read the article and hence I'm in the comments section!

      I am curious as to know if this can be back-ported to models earlier than Haswell, if anyone has the experience or knows of similar circumstances this has happened. Thanks!