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System76 Teases Their "Virgo" In-House Manufactured Laptop

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    I think this is a great idea, like the rest of you I also am looking forward to the final design and release. Obviously a partnership with Framework would be great and I would love that, it sounds like they also have an idea that they think is at least as good if not better. Think about it, it is highly likely that they would've done some market research and after seeing the success of the Framework and their knowledge of the overlap between the Linux and Right to Repair advocates, they knew that was an option. Furthermore they must know that since Framework has open-sourced as much as they can about the hardware and wiring designs and such, they could easily make parts and/or a system76 version using the same mainboards and other components that would interoperate with the existing Framework ecosystem.
    So the fact that system76 is choosing to make their own design means that they examined all of their options and they decided that this was their best path forward. I for one am really excited about this, not only bc it means another laptop designed for Linux from the ground up, but also bc it means it will be the first laptop made with NO SLAVE LABOR with the possible exception of the chips, ram, etc
    Honestly I am willing to pay a little extra for a laptop made without slave labor and I don't think that it is unreasonable especialy since many people will gladly overpay for anything with an apple logo on it even though apple willingly chooses to use slave labor to make their products