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HP Dev One - A Great, Well Engineered AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop

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    My problem with this isn't the (admittedly, stupid) omission of a middle mouse button (or better, an actual wheel, which there's ample depth for if you use the right part, i.e. a knurled cylinder, like the volume control on decent keyboards) but the keyboard layout, which is... well, garbage, basically.

    "Developers" need arrow keys etc. We're "real" creators, not just consumers of cat videos. While there are definitely issues with laptop keyboards being off-center thanks to numpads etc, it's not impossible to have a TKL layout with a movement block without skewing the positioning to uncomfortable levels - in fact, the keyboard Michael is actually using with it is a fairly good example of exactly that. This laptop trend of shittifying the up and down keys to an absurd unusable size just because most laptops are vanity devices for hipsters is fine when that IS the case, but it's a joke on something that's supposed to be aimed at people who do Actual Work with a keyboard all day long.

    So I don't really get what the "real" market for this machine is. It's just not suitable for the supposed developer audience, but at 16 cores it's stupidly OP for office use. It's more like they're targeting people who want to PRETEND to be developers, or middle managers who "have to" have better equipment than their peasant underlings, who'll just plug it into a dock in the office and use a real keyboard , mouse, and monitor, then take it home to goof around on in the evening. Which is fine if that's what you want to sell, but no use to me.

    It's a shame, because I've certainly done plenty of work on much less powerful laptops than this. But while a crappy keyboard *response* is basically what you're stuck with on a laptop but can get used to, a crappy keyboard *layout* is a deal-breaker, especially if you're going to transition to and from a real keyboard while at rest.


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      I just got my Dev One delivered to me yesterday.
      The Good:
      I really like how how sturdy and the decent battery life. (did get rather warm to the touch though)

      The Bad:
      I REALLY do not like non-IPS screen that they used. I am rather sure it is a non-IPS screen the because off angle viewing looks really terrible.
      The Up/Down arrow keys are stupid small and hard to press. SUPER ANNOYING!

      Not sure if I will return it.. Not sure yet if the non-IPS display is enough of an issue for me and I need to return it.


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        So it's a laptop specifically for programming and they neither gave it a 3:2 display nor at least bumped it up to 1440p? I'm on a 1920x1080 display right now and I honestly don't get any of the "two windows side by side" claims, they're definitely not comfortable. 100% 1440p is the minimum I can imagine for side by side -- and 3:2 would be way better for single-window because of the extra rows. Hell, even 16:10 if they don't want to bother with 3:2 would be better.

        Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post

        Actual Dev laptops like the Thinkpad P15 can have up to 128GB of RAM and are intentionally heavy bricks of machines that are desktop replacements, usually combined with some sort of docking station. Though something in the vein of a normal T series is fine too. It's just utterly laughable when Dell and HP are trying to claim ultrabooks as dev class hardware.
        Is that really what counts for a heavy brick these days? Kinda looks like my PowerBook G3 would squish it flat. I'd happily carry that around places no issue.

        Originally posted by castlefox View Post
        I am rather conflicted on weather I should keep my laptop pre-order with a 12th gen intel chip or I should get this HP laptop instead. I am not developer. I also selected 16GB on my build, (they are basically the same exact prices with taxes (shipping is free on both). I really wanted to support for its repair-ability / ability to upgrade parts myself.

        Did I miss a section on battery life of the HP Dev One or is that missing?
        Definitely stick with the Framework. This is laughable.
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          Is there a single OLED display that can fit the bezel? There must be...


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            Originally posted by make_adobe_on_Linux! View Post
            Is there a single OLED display that can fit the bezel? There must be...
            In any case, it's a standard-sized eDP display that's also used by Acer, so there will likely be in the future, if not microLED.