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HP Preparing An AMD-Powered Linux Laptop Powered By Pop!_OS

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    I moved house two months ago, and I'm still waiting for internet. Every time I call to ask I get a different excuse. Fun times.

    I don't really trust "cloud" computing - even at work I'm reticent to use a system I haven't set up personally, although that's partly because of the security policy. My development requirements are relatively modest (although seeing if I could get some of our programs to compile and run on a RPi4 and Jetson Nano was painful) but two things I absolutely can't do without are a decent screen (15.6" 1440p or 17" 1600p minimum, please!) and a half decent keyboard (preferably with a numeric pad).

    I've never had the funds to get a big beast Thinkpad, but honestly the best dev laptop I had was a rebranded Clevo affair with a surprisingly comfortable keyboard (with numpad!) and great 4K screen in a 15.6" chassis. Small bump in font size and I was happy. It was a hot running wossname, though. The LG Gram (17" version) is great but the keyboard is terrible and my new Asus has an amazing screen but while the keyboard is much better than the LG, either I've not got familiar enough with it yet or sometimes it responds to a single press as a double which is insanely frustrating.

    I'm not the target market for this, though, I guess. Also, after my last two experiences with HP, I would sooner go back to use log tables and an abacus before giving them my money.


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      This laptop looks like Elitebook 845 G8. If this is the case then memory is expandable up to 64GB of RAM.