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Android 13 Beta 1 Released - Continues Focus On Privacy & Security

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    Every time I read google and privacy in the same sentence I start laughing, louder and louder.


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      Originally posted by jacob View Post

      All I want is the luxury of NOT using GMS. How do I actually, reliably disable the telemetry and all other connections between my device and Google? What oversight do I have that my device is really absolutely unreachable by and invisible to Google (not a promise or ToS, a physical impossibility for Google to implement or use a backdoor no matter how hard they try)?
      Buy Chinese. Those are guaranteed to be Google-free.
      Or root it and list Google's servers in /etc/hosts as
      But mostly, if you don't like Google, don't buy a Google-powered phone. Problem solved.


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        Originally posted by WannaBeOCer View Post

        Harsh words for an open source project, if you want more devices supported then help contribute.
        They only available in where? Us and japan, probably some selected Europe countries if lucky? Come on, this makes iphone a better option. And you expect it to be a community project?


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          I was happy with LineageOS + F-Droid, but most devices have EOL kernels or are 3 years behind

          I'm not sure if GrapheneOS will be able to support devices past the 6 years google offers...

          Anyway the RCE trends are interesting:

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            Useful information regarding AOSP Roms without GMS:


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              Personally, I don't really have much to complain about regarding Android. It's a breeze to use compared to iOS (which is not customizable and everything's messy from the texting to the settings location).
              Just 2 things I would like to see improvements on:
              - let us clear the app cache at once (as it was possible before Android 7), after a while your system is subtly or noticeably lagging because the total app cache can easily eat up way too much space. It doesn't make things faster to keep the cache. Clearing it does. Since Android 7, it's a hassle to delete the cache app by app.
              - Please do something about the background apps! Why is the Kindle or some obscure apps running while I haven't read or used them on the device since the last boot a week ago? Or at least make an official KillApps app. It's wasting RAM and autonomy for no good reasons. In general, give us a hard choice setting to close apps entirely at our will (it doesn't matter if I don't get notified by some apps, no need to leave them running in the background). Some apps bypass this no matter what.