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Sailfish OS 4.4 "Vanha Rauma" Released With Camera App Improvements, Updated Gecko

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    Sailfish or Jailfish?


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      Man, losing half your board because of some shit that's outside your control is a hard blow. Wishing y'all the best of luck, hopefully our homelands aren't converted to glass.


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        Originally posted by Alexmitter View Post
        Qt Based? Check
        Proprietary? Check
        Company has a history of scamming its supporters? Check
        Company has a history of working with Fascist Russia? Check
        Jesus Christ, the Russia thing only started a month ago. Russia was relatively chill and was even considered for NATO until then. Are you some kind of state prosecutor just trying to find any arbitrary thing to stick to them? I have the desire to disregard your other points now just because I'm forced to doubt the validity of anything you say at this point, you're obviously operating out of some kind of delusional vendetta against them instead of just trying to offer criticisms.
        Also there's nothing wrong with proprietary software as long as you don't have OCD. As long as it functions and isn't a blatant attempt at vendor lock-in. "But it's proprietary!" is just the software cultist equivalent of "but a white person made it!", trying to inject politics where it doesn't belong, using a complete non-sequitur as an argument for why a tool shouldn't be used.


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          its nice an all, but I don't have any devices to try it on sadly, wish them success.


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            Originally posted by ahjolinna View Post

            - about the Proprietary thing...yes they have some apps like the Android apps support that are Proprietary....but the sailfishOS itself is open

            - "scamming supporters" ....let me guess the whole tablet thing? if yes....oh fuck off ...sigh

            - about the Russia thing:

            well the board members from Russia have now resigned :

            and Apparently contributions from AuroraOS have stop since last version 4.3 that was released on November 2021:

            anything else you want to bitch about?

            Happily downloading 4.4 for my XA2 now, and looking forward to installing SFOS on an X 10 III in the near future.


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              Almost as boring as an update as it gets... They bumped ncurses to ABI6 without actually building ncurses-libs5 (read: ncurses-compat-libs) which broke (read: requires recompiling) a few apps, including fish shell. Another thing that wasn't really mentioned anywhere else than the package changelog was a breaking change to the share plugin system (if you have an app you want to share an image from Gallery, for example). No high level fancy new features this time, mostly a middleware preparation update for 4.5 which has zstd for packaging compression coming, at least, hopefully X10III and VoLTE/5G support too.

              The level of Android app support is higher than the wording suggests; for example many banking apps work flawlessly, and they sure are picky!


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                Another thing worth mentioning is Advanced Mobile Location support that automatically sends your location to the emergency call center in the case of, well, emergency call.

                Source, release notes and changelog:


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                  Originally posted by Ironmask View Post

                  Russia was relatively chill and was even considered for NATO until then.
                  Congrats, this is the stupidest and most incorrect thing i have read online in 2022. I actually laughed out loud


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                    Irrational Qt phobia? Check
                    False or half truth claims? Check
                    Has a history of early birding and hijacking threads? Check
                    Has a history of trolling news items related to Qt? Check

                    Oh, oh, I know! It's an AlexmItter post!


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                      Originally posted by slalomsk8er View Post
                      Installed it a couple of days ago and it runs well on my Sony Xperia 10 - Dual SIM.
                      As boring as updates should be on a phone.
                      I have had it on my Xperia X quite a few years ago. unfortunately the phone broke and I got a non compatible device. That was around Sailfish 3.