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Vodafone + Canonical Working On A "Cloud Smartphone"

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  • Vodafone + Canonical Working On A "Cloud Smartphone"

    Phoronix: Vodafone + Canonical Working On A "Cloud Smartphone"

    Vodafone in collaboration with Canonical is showing a prototype "Cloud Smartphone" as Mobile World Congress happening this week in Barcelona...

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    If all apps will be on the cloud and seen via video decoding then this will be a weird device. and require loads of bandwidth.


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      This seems like such an absolutely horrible idea. A phone is a portable device. Streaming is best on a fast, wired connection.

      Why the hell did Canonical agree to this.


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        ...of this "clod smartphone" effort (sic).

        Sounds about right.


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          Sounds interesting, and I’d be interested in trying it! One immediate use for this I can think of is being able to overlay the virtualized phone interface or just outright apps in VR; this would be perfect for a Quest 2 headset. The current methods for doing anything with phone integration in VR aren’t great.

          Plus I have a good feeling this will be significantly faster than most lagdroids on the market. These devices would benefit highly from having processing done on the cloud.


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            What if connection is lost? Phone freezes?


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              So android just with chrome?! Chromephone "Unity" edition


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                Originally posted by Lbibass View Post
                This seems like such an absolutely horrible idea.
                It is and it's showing how desperate Canonical is to get their shitty technology out there. It's not like Anbox lit the world on fire or anything.


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                  lets run 2FA apps in the cloud, in a VM to which hell knows who has access.

                  great idea.


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                    so an ISP that notoriously lobbied to destroy unmetered connections is now proposing a high-bandwidth-consuption device where everything is tycked into a subscription...

                    so an ISP that notoriously lobbied for expanded rights to spy on their clients to sell their data (double-dipping despite them being paying clients, not as an alternative remuneration model like free websites and free apps) wants the entire OS to run on their servers...

                    so an ISP with lousy signal coverage in a lot of regions (they all are somewhere) wants us to 100% depend on their connection quality to have access even to low-resource entirely local tasks/apps...

                    I'd love to see them show this aberration running google maps as a car gps on a country highway, that should inspire confidence, LOL

                    No hate towards Canonical, let them suck Vodafone's money and run away with useful knowhow while the resulting product sinks into oblivion.

                    Meanwhile a full linux phone will one day benefit from improved anbox hooks and even from anbox cloud apps as a stopgap measure for missing linux alternatives