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AMD Prepares Linux Fix For Some Laptops Not Resuming From s2idle Suspend

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    Originally posted by kernellio View Post
    Holy crap, it's about time... embarassing more than anything...
    It's "good news" from AMD, but as usual I suspect these patches and fixes will not apply to older generations of Ryzen laptops, only the newer ones in the market. AMD is notorious for doing that.
    So basically I sit here with my Ryzen 3500U laptop (Zen+ generation from January 2019, not even Zen2, none of these in stock in my region) unable to suspend to RAM (hibernate will cause unnecessary strain on SSD disks)
    It's awful the state of AMD laptops for Linux right now, you have all sorts of problems, the main one being old-outdated-obsolete CPU frequency schedulers that DO NOT take full advantage of the immense power available on these little beasts APU. All kinds of problems, Linux is unable to fluctuate the voltage to make the CPU work under heavy loads (you will be stuck on the lowest TDP Wattage power for whatever reason)

    Another thing with Linux and AMD is that they always release these press statements pointing out IN DETAIL where the problems are and what's causing it (basically admitting they know what it is) but then the problems will be hardly ever fixed. And even if they are fixed, it will be YEARS after you acquired your product, so you can only take advantage of the fixes if you have the newer generation (having to spend again)
    It's so blatant at this point and it is so shameless.
    AMD in terms of hardware are BEASTS, specially these new laptop APU's, wow are they good. But at the end the hardware is being handicapped by FLAWED SOFTWARE. It's always been the case with AMD hardware for the past 15 years, and it seems like it's even worse nowadays (2019 onwards)
    Not making purchases out of principles again. Anti-consumer practices, enough with it. Next time, it's Intel + Nvidia to me, because I'm tired of having to burn hours away from my free time trying to fix issues that the company should be fixing themselves, they are being paid for it., I'm not.
    It will possibly be the same story with Intel too. Too many bugs in the drivers/hardware.


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: AMD Prepares Linux Fix For Some Laptops Not Resuming From s2idle Suspend

      Recently there have been reports of some AMD Ryzen powered notebooks being unable to correctly suspend from resume in s2idle mode. It appears the issue ultimately stems from a firmware setting issue and a set of Linux patches were sent out today to address the condition...
      How do I find out what kernel version has these patches integrated, please?