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NetworkManager 0.7.1 Brings Linux Network Love

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    In fact all these beefs happen on the newest version, which is 0.7 . And it doesn't happen only on one system it happens on various systems. One of the reasons I have a hard time putting Linux on road warriors since NM keeps messing up and those people are not tech savvy enough to fire up a terminal to connect to some network.


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      Originally posted by kraftman View Post
      I'm not interested if for 99% of the people out there Macose 's wifi is all they need. Maybe it's only for 10% people? You can't proof. It just doesn't have as good support as two other OS'es. #4 because Macos doesn't support some Wi-Fi cards or it just 'supports' them.

      Your posts sound sometimes like marketing talk and Milton should be proud :P
      Umm, all macs have come with standard wifi for quite some time as standard issue, so the need for it to support other wifi cards is negligable (with the exception of the MacPro and xserve).

      When I was at apple you better believe I could put hard numbers to issues.