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    A Ethernet adapter is the most privacy minded tool to connect to network. A laptop without one, again is like a garden without flowers.
    And its not that they couldn't include a Ethernet adapter, because they could, I already saw low lateral profile devices with such adapters, they simply followed what is the trend, which is ultrabook, no Ethernet, so you operate via wireless...
    How unfortunate that you live in a country still stuck in the Stone Age where no one has ever heard of USB ethernet dongles.

    Then you go to a public space, ..and there are there someone with a WIFI sniffer, that knows exactly what you are doing and can hack your connection..
    So the solution is not privacy minded in the end..In my opinion you don't release a privacy minded laptop, without privacy minded network connectivity..
    Yeah, you don't even know what kind of garbage you're talking about at this point.


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      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

      Convenience. This is how Windows got the market share...
      I bought a Dell Precision this year it came with Ubuntu pre-installed, which I guess is better than Windows. Convenience wise it was an extra step for me to wipe the Ubuntu install - they didn't even use disk encryption. I personally prefer an empty device, but to each their own.


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        Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
        Yeah, you don't even know what kind of garbage you're talking about at this point.
        It's not garbage , its the reality, and today you can do it with a device that costs you a few dollars..