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Sailfish OS 4.1 Finally Embracing 64-bit, Android 10 App Support API Level

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    Originally posted by L_A_G View Post

    Oh no, it's someone with autism going "REEE!!! STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE!!1"

    Seriously thou, just grow up. The fact that other people like what you don't like is just plain immature and stupid. It's a nice OS with gesture-based navigation still well ahead of the competition (only devices that come even close are the X-series iPhones) with a high degree of open source components (unlike iOS) and a business model that isn't based on data harvesting (unlike Android) so the manufacturer respects your privacy.

    On topic: Nice to see that they're finally moving to Aarch64 as I predicted with the end of support for the original Jolla phone from 7,5 years ago. However I am disappointed that they chose to limit Aarch64 binaries to the latest device they've added official support for even thou every other ARM-based device they support uses an AArch64 SoC. Even more so when I asked them to clarify this I got one of those downright insulting PR-department answers that didn't even answer the question.
    I'm not sure which answer you got but I can say you that you have to do change the hardware adaption and convert the installation. It's similar to going from i686 to x86_64 on a pc.

    We try to answer as best as possible in the time of asking. Sometimes it is better to answer in "PR-department" type answer than to try to answer something that you can't answer at this time.