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Microsoft Surface "DTX" Driver Slated For Linux 5.13

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  • Microsoft Surface "DTX" Driver Slated For Linux 5.13

    Phoronix: Microsoft Surface "DTX" Driver Slated For Linux 5.13

    While Microsoft often likes to proclaim their "love" for Linux, it's been independent open-source developer Maximilian Luz that has been spearheading improvements for Microsoft Surface devices on Linux. With Linux 5.13 his latest work on better handling Microsoft Surface device detachment handling should land...

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    It's obvious that Microsoft's only love has been to get more people on Windows. Hence WSL, OpenCL/OpenGL on Direct3D 12. Pushing people to use Linux apps on WSL. Next they'll say "We don't need those SecureBoot shims anymore, consumers don't need to boot anything other than Windows. They can run all of their Linux stuff on WSL. No need to run other OS on bare metal. You can always do OS development in a virtual machine."

    And goodbye open source software.

    Big companies love open source software and firmware because THEY get full control of their server machines. They don't want consumers to have the same control over their machines.