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Sailfish OS 4.0.1 No Longer Support The Jolla Phone But Has Many Other Improvements

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    Originally posted by Almindor View Post

    Does the XA2 run the latest android now? Is it stable-ish?
    Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 runs android 9 Pie.
    It's pretty stable, the thing i mostly run into is that in some updates dynamic orientation doesn't work as it should.


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      Originally posted by JacekJagosz View Post
      Also I managed to configure MicroG well enough that all Android apps work for me. Although they work much slower than on Android, when I just need bank app, messaging apps and Firefox as a backup browser this is good enough. High battery drain (with Android support enabled) and very small device support are the biggest downsides of Sailfish OS to me, once I got used to it.
      I have no high battery drain with android apps and there not slower, they are actually snappier than the android phones in my household.


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        Originally posted by Polleke View Post
        I would think the XA2 has better support than the Xperia 10.
        If you are looking for a new device, you might wait out if Xperia 10 II gets support with this final release, and how good it is. It has newer hardware and an OLED screen. I just don't like the formfactor.

        as it happens i do have a 10 ii for essential androidy stuff, didn't like the 10 plus design so still use xa2 plus for sfos daily driver.