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Intel: AMD Weak On Battery-Powered Laptop Performance - But DPTF On Linux Still Suck

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    Ok, so Intel is suggesting a large scale switch to M1 Macbooks ?


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      Originally posted by DRanged View Post

      They are also briefly going over thermals and battery life in part 1
      I did go over Intels finding and take it with a large grain of salt. Hardware Unboxed as a reviewer is way more unbiased.
      The review has nothing to do with the issue being discussed. I do understand you're a fan of HW unboxed but it's 100% offtopic here.


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        This would appear to simply be a different approach to battery life. Intel follows the "race-to-idle" approach, where the CPU turbos to one of the least efficient operating points to finish a task as fast as possible and return to the lowest power point.

        AMD seems to want the CPU to operate some percentage slower for possibly significantly better energy efficiency (extending battery life, reducing noise, etc.) unless the task is running long enough to suggest a need for that higher performance.

        If AMD's approach doesn't significantly impact the *feel* of responsiveness, I'd put my money on them. Intel's gets them pretty benchmark results for short workloads, but that seems like a silly thing to hyper-optimize for. But it'd be nice to see more data about the energy efficiency: Bring on the benchmarks!


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          Michael The Article doesn't link to the comment thread, it links to the the forum only.


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            Originally posted by danmcgrew View Post
            Am I the only one who picked up on the use of a now-socially-unacceptable term, by no less than the esteemed owner of this website? To wit:

            .... brain-dead, mouth-breathing, room-temperature-IQ SJWs.

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            Not sure if some of these words will get "blacklisted" or if we will have a pure whitelist internet in the future


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              AMD released the Dali based Athlon 3050e Silver, a 6w stripped down Raven Ridge Zen 1 with a Vega 3 that beats a 4C J4115 Celeron running at 12W.

              Sounds pretty good to me.


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                Originally posted by Yoshi View Post
                Michael The Article doesn't link to the comment thread, it links to the the forum only.
                OK, I'll be honest here. Apparently Michael thought danmcgrew was insulting him for using the word "gimps", but that is wrong. He misunderstood.
                danmcgrew was insulting the SJWs who like to replace words for no reason, but Michael took it seriously and broke the article...

                Request to change the name back to Gimps.