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Sailfish OS 3.4 Released With Experimental Rust Support, Finally Eyeing 64-bit ARM

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    Originally posted by Thaodan View Post
    The builtin media player app if you install jolla-mediaplayer-radio.
    Does the Xperia X, is supported by it?
    if yes its a step closer in the right direction


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      Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
      Does the Xperia X, is supported by it?
      No, the Xperia X will not support it. The XA2 currently does not support it and I assume the Xperia 10 neither.
      Just looking at this old TJC post at:
      There is hoping the Xperia 10 II might support it, since it needs a new hardware layer and they might integrate this functionality.

      The older Jolla C did/does support FM Radio.


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        The problem with the all Sony devices that are currently supported is that the foss version of the vendor libraries don't support FM-radio.
        On stock it works for some but they have the closed vendor libraries.


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          I did a little overview video on SailfishOS 3.4 for those who want to see the system in action

          What is interesting for Sony devices is the OpenGL ES 3 support. For at least my Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 Plus device it results in a way more fluid system without stutters on long scrolling lists with lots of images that I had in the past sometimes.
          I think Jolla is making good progress in the right direction even though they still have a lot to do.


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            Actually, 12v would be pretty sweet. But no, I also miss the FM transmission as well. A sort of BT for radio receivers so you don't need to hook up to other peoples always misconfigured car's. Or worry about versions.