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Dell XPS With Intel Tiger Lake + Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Goes On Sale - Benchmarks Coming

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    Dell needed to do an AMD build but apparently there's supply issues with AMD's chips while Intel has lots available


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      Actually, the L14 is going to be an entry-level AMD machine. Maybe it'll be around $700. We'll see when it comes out.

      ThinkPad L14 and ThinkPad L15 will be available in the second quarter of 2020. Both have a starting price of $649. -
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        Folks that can't abide 16 GB of memory should probably keep a lookout for DDR4 designs, but should also remember that LPDDR4 is quite speedy. Even without the frequency boost (4267 Mhz vs. 3200 Mhz for DDR4), LPDDR4's real-world data transfer rates should be better; as I understand it, this is due to LPDDR4's bank configuration.


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          Originally posted by lucrus View Post
          Developers, I mean, those developers that use Linux, usually want:
          1. Reasonable display size. 1900x1200 on a 13.4" display is just useless to read lines of code.
          I've gotta disagree with this one; I specifically looked for FHD in my XPS 13 2-in-1 and I code on it all the time.

          Oh, for those complaining about the price and the RAM- be patient and after a few months of it being out, look on the Dell Outlet- not only did I save several hundred dollars for a machine that's been flawless since I've gotten it, but that was the only way I was able to find the elusive FHD/32GB/1TB buildout; by the time I'd started to look at the XPS line that combo was no longer available for sale on the main site as they didn't make that many of them to begin with so all were left were the returns.