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Lenovo Announces 27 Systems To Ship With Ubuntu Pre-Installed

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    Originally posted by Sesivany View Post

    That could still be the case. Note that the news came from Canonical. Of course, they will not mention Fedora in the news. But it may still mean that they will sell those laptops with Fedora, too.
    Whether or not Lenovo bundles Fedora with its laptops is really irrelevant imo.

    If the laptops or systems are bundled with Ubuntu, that essentially means that the hardware will work on Ubuntu and its older kernels. Which in turntturn means there is almost a near certainty that the same hardware will function on Fedora with its use of up-to-date kernels.

    And in truth, a pre-installed image of Linux is not my cup of tea: the default install options, package selection and partitioning layout suggested by most distributions have never been satisfactory to me. If I bought such a laptop with a pre-installed distribution, the first thing I would do is to overwrite it with an installation done to my preferences. Which completely defeats the purpose of having a pre-installed Linux copy.

    The only benefit such a machine would offer is the assurance that all the hardware will work on most, if not all, distributions.


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      Originally posted by 144Hz
      Jeff Joshua Rollin This is OEM. There’s no room for experimental distributions or experimental desktops.
      i run Fedora32 on my systems and it is really good. why should a good experience like this be a experimental desktop ?
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        Originally posted by pal666 View Post
        exactly, no room for debian reskins, which can't introduce pulseaudio without world-wide breakage
        yes and more much more... the leader of Debian is a "Black life matters" Marxist extremist.

        because of security reasons (Trojan horse from GRU Russian military intelligence) i switched from Debian 11 to Fedora 32 on my main system.

        Debian with a "Black life matters" Marxist leader is a complete disqualification.
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          Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin
          What's more disqualifying, the fact that someone actually thinks that the lives of Black people have value (I know, shocking, right), that someone risibly conflates this with "Marxism" and "extremism," or that said someone also can't spell for shit?
          Yeah, yeah, dyslexia. Dyslexia schmyslexia. Dyslexia does not cause bigotry. Ignorance and stupidity do.
          yes "Black people have value" but only in the meaning of: all lifes matters

          but they do not call out for: all lifes matters. they claim black lifes matters in the meaning that any other skin color DOES NOT MATTER. if they say otherwise they would say: all lifes matters but they don't do this.

          now the question is BLM a Marxist ideology ? according to many BLM members yes they are trained Marxists.

          BLM Founders claim they are trained marxists.
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            Ideapad please? Normal laptops basically.
            I couldn't care less about Thinkpads and what I believe is a horrible design (aesthetically as much as physically for the touchpad, keyboard anf trackpoint).
            If you would want to design a laptop for my future days of neverending torture in hell, you'd definitely come up with Thinkpads.
            For my upcoming replacement laptop, I won't consider Lenovo if they don't certify Ideapads for Linux.
            Now that we have some sort of choice for linux pre-installed system (and with AMD CPUs options), my money can willfully snob or boycott specific brands depending on their offer.


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              Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin

              And also that it won't include the Microsoft tax. A small, but significant and handy advantage.
              Actually, considering how low the Microsoft tax is to bundle an OEM license key into the laptop's UEFI firmware, I don't mind having that license included. I get a laptop that works with most Linux distributions, and a spare Windows license to keep around in case it ever is needed.

              As an example, I extracted the Win10 license key from my four year old Acer laptop (scrubbed the HDD and installed Fedora on it as soon as I turned it on, without even letting it boot to the Windows OOTB experience so that it was never activated) and used it to install and activate Windows 10 on a spare desktop I use exclusively for web conferencing (because Linux stinks really bad in this regard, unfortunately). Which saved me the cost of a much more expensive retail Win10 license.

              It's a win-win for me.


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                These laptops doesn't seem to be available in the UK. Is it US only offering? Bit a shame if it is. UK Lenovo shop only have Windows laptops available and few ChromeOS O_o


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                  Lenovo L14/L15 AMD version, not sure if Linux preinstalled on them will be an option, doesn't have RAM soldered.
                  Usually it comes with a stick of 16GB RAM, but supports up to 64 GB.

                  For those already wanting to buy these laptops I'll quote a phrase from article:
                  "These systems with Ubuntu all won't be available today but the planned rollout is to be done in phases between now and through 2021. "


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                    Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin

                    I wouldn't be surprised if IdeaPads follow, but (a) what makes them so much nicer than ThinkPads, (b) why not just ignore the trackpoint if you dislike it so much and (c) why do you care what it looks like? Laptops are there to be used, not ogled over.
                    Would be great if Ideapads follow, they are much more in line with my expectations of both a modern laptop and personal convenience (layout).

                    a) no trackpoint, no prominent buttons on top of the touchpad that get in the way of typing (and select text or cut it randomly, or change the selected input position, etc... because you touched these over-prominent buttons unintentionally*), the ctrl key on the bottom left instead of the fn key (why!?), etc...
                    b) even deactivated, it was preventing me from striking correctly the surrounding keys
                    c) because it's 2020, even if I use my laptop, I don't want it to look like it's 1995-2000 (Thinkpad in my opinion look like an old brick of that period).

                    * I don't have that issue with any other laptop I've had (several different ones at work through the last 10 years).


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                      Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin

                      Your post is horseshit from start to finish. What "All lives matter" cretins mean is that white lives are more valuable than other lives. Well you know whose lives I don't give a shit about? Racists' lives. As far as I'm concerned we should go back to treating racists the way we did during WWII: Shoot the ones you can't bomb, and hang the ones you can't shoot.

                      And what the hell is a "trained Marxist"? If you can't understand the meaning of words then you should stop using them. And if you can't spout anything but lies then you should shut the hell up unless and until you have something worthwhile to say. Which in fairness is very unlikely ever to happen.
                      Yet he's right. These SJWs trying to think in the name of people that actually don't see the matter with the same eyes (or non matter often) are to be proscribed from anything. Feminists, ecologists, loud anti-racists, pro-LGBTs, they all try to dictate what others should think. Even if you're ecology-oriented, you might think different to the narrow-minded short term ecological visions of these extremists.
                      Often, when you have a measured opinion, some critical mind and expose the flaws of these intolerant little dictators (of the one track-thinking), since you don't have the same extreme opinion as they have (but apply some analysis before claiming electric vehicles are ecological for example), they try to undermine you. If you're an egalitarian, you're still evil at the eyes of feminists, because what the loud and self-proclaimed feminists want is domination, not equality, the loudests just hate men, they don't want to be just their equal.
                      And the same goes with Black lives matter. Of course they matter, but they won't matter more because you say out loud they do by positioning yourself on some extreme level on the spectrum. And they won't matter more than any other (so yes it's horseshit - to quote you - to say Black Lives matter). You can be against racism or wanting equality for women (and men!) to some extent (taking into account physiological differences because feminists deny them unless it goes their way), and yet against these idiotic movements. I think loud anti-racists and feminists are actually making things worse, and making a difference when the goal should be there is none (except for physiological male-female ones).
                      Real non racists and the ones doing the most for gender equality (egalitarians) are working in the shadow, they don't proclaim themselves as such (feminists for example) and are trying to change things by ignoring the gender or racial differences plainly, mentally considering others their equal, not by being loud and amplifying the difference without any kind of nuance in their intolerant discourse.
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