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TUXEDO Computers Launches A Linux Laptop With Ryzen 7 4800H / Ryzen 5 4600H

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    Originally posted by sverris View Post

    But will it run Linux? (And it will have - most likely - crippled arrow keys...)
    Check my answer in page number 2, it runs Linux fine, the person who review it uses Linux 👍🏻


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      I hate that keyboard layout, just wow.


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        Originally posted by lyamc View Post
        I hate that keyboard layout, just wow.
        Well, it's standard beside the keypad.
        They have many different country specific layout, but if you're looking for an ANSI keyboard, they don't have it (not common in EU).

        I hadn't noticed, but there's no keypad though, it's pretty strange given it's a 15,6" and both my personal and work computer have keypads on that same screen size. Might be a dealbreaker.


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          Originally posted by Brane215 View Post

          Since when is Clevo small company ?

          BTW, this seems to carry hefty price premium for a Chinese laptop with German badge.
          Why not getting it directly from China ( etc) ?
          So wait for it ~4 Weeks until you get notice from customs that they deny electronic products without European certifications. Sounds like a good plan
          But ok, let's assume it somehow makes it through customs. What do you do if something breaks? Oh yeah, send it back and wait ~8 weeks until you have it back (if it doesn't get fished out by customs this time). And if the Chinese company says "that repair will cost you €300" ... you can suck it up and pay or try to fight it. Good luck.

          On the other hand if I buy it from Tuxedo, they have to take care of all that shit and are liable to do so. If it breaks, I send it to them, they repair it for free (if it happens within the first 2 years) and send it back. It doesn't even leave Germany for that (unless it's something extremely severe; but then they will send me a new laptop and if necessary even a new model).

          All that stuff (certifications, warranty, etc.) doesn't come for free. So sure it will have a higher price. I also get more out of it.


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            Originally posted by aksdb View Post

            So wait for it ~4 Weeks until you get notice from customs that they deny electronic products without European certifications. .
            Come on, when has it stopped Ali Baba and his crew ? They always have papers in order. If they had to be certified , Schenker and others wouldn't be re-sticking them.

            WRT to delivery time- true, but it isn't out of the reason to have it airmailed for a laptop. With a delivery time of a couple of days.
            WRT to return policy - no need for that. ALiBAba has cheap replacement parts, too.
            And for price of that restick/rebrand, I can usually have almost 2 laptops.

            So i certainly have price margin to justify possible headache.
            And EU regulations mean nothing these days. Usually it's the fine print that kills you.


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              I tried to configure one with 32gb ram and 500gb ssd, not pricy at all, barely over 1k EUR. Plus, it is all AMD (CPU and GPU). This is now on my radar.


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                Quite interesting. I'm still undecided wheter I should take the tax and customs risk and order the new Purism here in Europe or if I take this powerful AMD offer from Tuxedo. Coreboot would be really nice, the hardware kill switches too... but an eight core AMD with a non-US keyboard is really nice as well!


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                  It's as stylish as a Thinkpad! For Christ's sake ... if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I would hope that it doesn't end up looking like ass. I'd rather go with a Huawei Matebook D with the Ryzen option. Specs not quite as good ... but light and looks the part and also cheaper.


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                    Originally posted by Brane215 View Post
                    And EU regulations mean nothing these days. Usually it's the fine print that kills you.
                    How sure are you about that? If the battery or charger goes up in flames the insurance company might question which device it was. And if it doesn't have the CE seal, they might decline payment and fault you for using non-certified electrical equipment. And I am not talking about the price of the laptop here. If your apartment or house is burning, the damage can be quite high ... if no one pays for that you can be pretty f*cked.

                    Also the notebook contains radio devices (wireless, bluetooth, ...). They might send on forbidden bands or with forbidden intensity or whatever. There are authorities that check this stuff and should they find out you have a non-allowed device, you can be fined.

                    So at least in Germany I wouldn't f*ck around with that if there is a reasonable alternative.


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                      Originally posted by squash View Post
                      Looks nice but in 2020 any device with a barrel charge connector is dead to me!
                      Why? In my experience, barrel charge connectors last through countless thousands of unplug and plug back in cycles. I don't know anyone who had to get one repaired in one of their laptops. USB-C charging ports wear out much more quickly.