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I've Been Running The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U + Ubuntu 20.04 As My Main System

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    Originally posted by hiryu View Post


    How's the battery life been for you? Seems that Linux tends to drain batteries a bit faster than windows so I'd prefer to hear it from a Linux user rather than the official specs.
    Somehow AMD has fixed the battery drain by not making the CPU fans run too much. I had the Acer swift 3 AMD renoir 4700u. It always gave me more than 11 hours for normal chrome browsing usage. The computer is super cool 95 % of the times. I was really surprised to see those battery hours close to windows 10.


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      Originally posted by hadrons123 View Post
      I purchased acer ryzen 7.
      I used it for 3 weeks. I was unable to suspend-resume the laptop in Ubuntu 20.04 (kernel- stock/mainline/5.7 linux).
      I tried fedora 32, fedora rawhide, Manjaro 5.7 kernel and I had similar issue suspend-resume.
      I also tried dual monitor setup using usb 3.2 gen 2 hub.
      Its still the same no way to wake after suspend.
      The windows 10 worked perfectly. I had to return it, coz i dont want deal with this for several months.

      I am not sure If have to hold out for TigerLake with Thunderbolt 4.0. AMD renoir based laptops are very nice in the price range.
      Do you have issues with suspend-resume on your lenovo laptop?
      I only tried SnR a few times as usually I either leave my laptop on constantly or powered off when not in use while traveling, but those times I tried it was working.
      Michael Larabel


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        I really like hearing how this laptop is workings out for you, hopefully more follow ups to come. I'm especially please to hear about how Ubuntu is working out for you . For a long time I just couldn't stomach Ubuntu so maybe this ill give me a reason to try it in the future.

        As for my chosen distro it has been Fedora (has been for years) and frankly it runs well but there is that element of being a development platform that gets in the way. That is they (fedora developers) still break things from time to time but in exchange i get bleeding edge software for the most part. This has worked to well for stability of the 5500XT. In any event what I'm getting at here is that I'd love to hear about how the next release (fall) of Ubuntu runs on this laptop. That is with all the improvements coming to Mesa, Gnome and the kernel, for these processors - what will be your evaluation of the next step in Linux on this hardware.


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          Originally posted by bug77 View Post

          Here you go:
          Performance competitive with Ryzen (though lower) with 40-50% better battery life. Pretty neat in my book.
          Way slower in multithreaded performance, competitive in lightly threaded apps.

          The better power usage is probably at least partly due to having LPDDR RAM, and partly legitimately from the CPU. It's too bad most of the Ryzen laptops aren't offering that option.


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            Originally posted by nuetzel View Post
            Sorry, German.

            Schenker Via 15 Pro: Erstes Notebook mit Ryzen 7 4800H ohne zusätzliche GPU


            Linux version from: Tuxedo

            4k version under online survey.

            original survey
            I was trying to figure out the Clevo base modell so that folks here can find it from other suppliers... but did not turn out sucessfully. Clevo search on their own website is a mess. And the portfolio is simply too big to look at each model individually. Bios of the Schenker Via also gave no informations at least I was not able to fit a corresponding Clevo rig.
            But it is good to see that Clevo now provides this Kind of configuration.


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              Originally posted by tsuru View Post
              I still wish I could pay more and have some non-gaming (light, slim) 4000-level ryzen laptops with High DPI displays (2.5K+ even) but it's feeling more and more like Intel / apple have a deal with OEMs or have locked up the supply chain.
              with a ~100 models coming, renoir shouldnt be as bad, but yeah, i heard it was so bad w/ raven ridge laptops, the only decent builds were oem models that corporate users insisted on being available.


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                Have Lenovo included, provided firmware via 'fwupd' for this IdeaPad 5 ?


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                  Originally posted by hiryu View Post

                  How hot does this laptop get? It looks like I'm probably going to return my very recently purchased Oryx Pro 6 as it's the first System76 laptop I've had since I've been buying them from them since 2009 where it's just uncomfortably warm all of the time...

                  In fact, if anyone has recommendations on good laptops for Linux that are also solid (or better) for gaming, I'd love to hear them. I realize this laptop isn't really for gaming, but otherwise it sounds like it provides a really nice experience, and I'm going to need something functional to replace this laptop in the near future.
                  If you want a good gaming laptop, as long as you're willing to use Nvidia drivers (which usually works fine as long as you don't ride bleeding edge kernels), the ASUS Zephyrus G14 is one heck of a beast with a 4900HS and a RTX 2060 while still getting excellent battery life (~10 hours in Windows at least):


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                    Originally posted by QwertyChouskie View Post

                    If you want a good gaming laptop, as long as you're willing to use Nvidia drivers (which usually works fine as long as you don't ride bleeding edge kernels), the ASUS Zephyrus G14 is one heck of a beast with a 4900HS and a RTX 2060 while still getting excellent battery life (~10 hours in Windows at least):
                    I've definitely considered that one, but it sounds like it's on the warmer side, which is my big complaint about the Oryx Pro 6.


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                      Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

                      One more asking for "decrippled" products. Exactly why is that not on the market. High demand on "artificial niche" products..

                      Marketing-guy: Who is going to want a powerfull amd with adequate gfx card and a decent display?
                      Other-Marketing guy: no one - we should rather put the good displays and the good gfx cards to the inferior power hungry intels.
                      Boss: Im pleased to have such a competent team. Consider your annual bonus as granted. Arent we good!?
                      Intel has a reputation for "convincing" (read: $$$) the OEM's to not produce any machines that compete with intel on the high end. Crippled budget machines are fine for AMD cpu's, but ultrabooks and workstation class hardware are off limits. Should a big OEM go against intel's "suggestion" they will find themselves losing their volume discounts and sales incentives. Intel is every bit as bad as Microsoft when it comes to anti-competitive practices.