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AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Benchmarks - Previously Unimaginable Performance For Sub-$600 Laptops

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    Originally posted by BrianRamsay View Post
    This is a bit of a tangent (and direct me somewhere else if that's more appropriate), but how do different distros handle the 2-in-1 form factor? Are there different operating modes, what is the transition like, etc? I'm considering getting one of these, but if the 2-in-1 is more of a gimmick and just results in a bad tablet or compromised laptop I may give it a miss.
    I think Gnome is meant to handle that well/better, whereas KDE/Plasma last I knew was still WIP. It can also sometimes be an issue with Linux support iirc, some have sensors that provide orientation information, while others have firmware that I think don't have compatibility issues that monitor the angle of the hinge and do something like send a signal when it triggers between modes, sort of like how your screen will get an off signal when the lid is almost closed. Similar for touchscreen IIRC, might have been related to the transition detection and not switching/toggling input devices or some issue there.

    You could try searching or asking on reddit like r/kde or r/gnome?


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      Originally posted by ddriver View Post
      There are multiple designs that incorporate 6 and 8 core zen 2 chips with measly 8 gigs of ram soldered on board and no option to upgrade. This is one astonishingly stupid decision, severely crippling those powerful cpus.

      It is almost as if oems are hesitant to design really good machines around those amazing CPUs in order to not upset intel....
      My Intel laptop from 2019Q3 (10th gen i3) came with soldered 4GB, but had a spare dimm slot for adding 16GB more. Pretty sure the soldered kind is LPDDR4/LPDDR4X which afaik has better performance(single dimm) and probably cheaper than adding a dimm slot + mountable dimm.

      This was a $399 budget laptop though, they cut costs elsewhere as well such as a 2017 1080p display that still was stuck with eDP 1.2, so no PSR support(see related post above). I bought it in January, and now wishing I saved up a bit and waited to get this much better product (although the display probably isn't much better I guess).


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        Originally posted by sarfarazahmad View Post
        no Ethernet port etc. AMD can probably force the OEM providers in this area now that they have the proper bargaining "chips" Maybe this will gain more ground with another iteration of ZEN chips aimed at the laptop market.
        Is ethernet as a port going to remain relevant? Wifi 6(AX) is probably going to be fairly adequate, whereas with USB4, you'd be able to have 40Gbe or so between USB4 devices or some adapter. An adapter wouldn't be that big of a deal, on a desktop system you'd not really need to care about it once plugged in, on a laptop if you're regularly plugging/unplugging an ethernet cable in, it's not likely to add much more friction to the process(can probably just leave it connected to the ethernet cable and you just plug in to USB instead, or if you have a newer router, then USB4 cable instead(unless distance is an issue I guess).


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          Michael , I have the same laptop and the trackpad doesn't work on it. What distro are you using? If it is Ubuntu could you try Manjaro/Fedora and tell me if it still works? thanks.