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TUXEDO Computers Launches A Power/Thermal Control Center For Their Linux Systems

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    Originally posted by Tuxee View Post

    So? If it is "a breeze" you can always re-implement it with the preferred tools.
    I don't have a TUXEDO system, so I have neither reason nor means. Besides, I'm currently working on a couple of other Qt GUIs. (A specialized frontend for Tesseract OCR and a game launcher frontend that serves as a test platform for UX ideas I might eventually try to contribute to Lutris or GNOME Games.)


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      Originally posted by kravemir View Post

      Pure C++ is bad idea, either Rust or something else with automatic memory management (garbage collection). C++ takes time to write correctly without memory leaks.
      This thing is basically a GUI for some shell commands, I think writing something in anything more complex than Python would be overkill.

      Not saying it's bad, I'm a fan of GUIs for things. It's just that on Linux in 99% of the times the GUI application is just a dumb GUI, all the "smart" logic is already there in some daemon or command line tool.
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