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Dell XPS Ice Lake Taking A Wallop On Ubuntu 20.04

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    Do you think it's related to mitigations? I have a 7390 2-in-1 running each master kernel as it's released and haven't noticed those kinds of regressions (admittedly via seat-of-the-pants feel), but I have every mitigation I can find turned "off".


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      Originally posted by elldekaa View Post
      Anyone here tried on XPS 15 9560 or similar generation ?
      I have the 9560 and haven't noticed anything weird upon upgrading to 20.04 from 19.10. But I haven't benchmarked so I don't really know for sure.


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        Originally posted by GraceAsylum View Post
        I see the same issue with Dell Inspiron 3493 with I5-1035G4, runs like a dog and pauses constantly.

        It worked better if I used a 5.3 kernel from Ubuntu 19.10
        Check dmesg for any GPU resets; the Intel i915 driver has become pregressively worse since kenel 4.18, with the 5.x series being absolutely unusable for me because of regular random softlocks on the GUI. There has been comments on Arch forums that kernel 5.6.something fixed it, but I've not found that to be the case for me with Mint 19.3. I'm still rocking 4.15.something as a result, because it was the last "easy" kernel which allowed my NUC to work without griefing me one way or another.


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          For mi installing the OEM kernel as improved the graphic perfomance quite a lot!