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Acer Is Launching In Germany What Could Be A Great AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Linux Laptop

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    Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
    The Ryzen5 4500U seems to be a very powerful CPU, for me its the best option for a laptop.
    The other options have more threads but with lower base clock frequencies..

    I will only buy one if it has 2 SODIMMs for memory, not the crap of 4GB soldered and 1 SODIMM available, were you don't even have dual channel memory..

    If its to use it, then.. I want it in full!
    I think it's safe to say we are all eager to get our hands on Ryzen 4000 mobile but they can get lost with a soldered DRAM bank, I'm not halving memory bandwidth to go to 12GB or 20GB either, only two upgradable slots will do, upvoted.


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      I'm also interested on how 4800H or better system will perform under Linux. I currently have 3800H based system with discrete GPU(560X) but it has lots of problems at least with linux distros I tried.


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        Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
        What I’m waiting on is for the Linux video drivers to be finally fixed. They managed to fix many problems on my laptop before it died but it still had the issue of the screen freezing up and the keyboard becoming non responsive. That was my laptop. So I built up an AMD machine with a 3800x processor and a 5500xt GPU. Guess what it does exactly the same thing!!!!!!!! It might go days or a few minutes.

        while this isn’t a black screen that was common with the Windows drivers (the screen just freezes) I’m hoping the fixes they found for Windows applies to Linux. This issue has existed for a very long time now and really needs to be fixed. As a result I have to give a qualified warning to potential AMD / Linux users that the problem exists. Linux runs great on AMD hardware until it doesn’t then you have to reboot.
        Exactly that is the reason also for me why I would not buy any laptop with AMD GPU now. Not only has "amdgpu" never been stable for me, it also has become worse over time (decreasing mean time between system crashes), so I need to run a fairly outdated 4.x kernel to get at least a day or two of mean time between system crashes, while the 5.5 kernel crashes after mere minutes.

        And especially for a laptop, which many like to suspend/resume a dozen times every day, you definitely do not want a kernel driver that is known to have serious trouble resuming from suspend.

        In contrast, my now many years old Asus laptop with i7 CPU/iGPU has not crashed a single time on me, also not when resuming from suspend.


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          Originally posted by polarathene View Post

          Is it actually powered off? Or in a sleep mode? If a sleep mode isn't properly supported, it may appear to be a low power state, but can end up draining quite a bit of battery. Seems odd that the battery would leak that much if the device is properly powered off.
          Yes, it probably does not shut off completely. The question is why. Sometimes it does, sometimes it loses 20% over the weekend, sometimes more and it will drain completely within days. I don't know whats going on but i think HP wants to kill the battery so you have to buy new stuff even if you use it rarely.


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            Originally posted by M@GOid View Post

            There is no such a thing as a cheap quality machine. All big manufactures, Dell, Asus, HP, Samsung, LG, etc, have crappy machines on their consumer line. I know because I do maintenance in them. None of them deserve a recommendation.

            That is why I recommended the enterprise line of Lenovo, even if they are used machines. They are still the go to machine for professionals, despite the fact that they are slowly turning their once excellent line into Apple's crapbooks.
            You sound like an envy riddled child. The fact is the satisfactory rate of Macbooks/Macbook Pros leads the industry. Sorry if you can't handle reality.


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              Michael if you're looking for requests, I'm in the market for a 13-14" version of the top model 15w 4000-series APU. I'm looking for the best mobile gaming and compiling/compute I can in a small laptop with an integrated GPU.

              Given all of Intel's issues the last few years and the increased power efficiency of the 7nm APUs, there's no question I'm going AMD for this laptop, just a question of what the best I can find for under 1.5-2k dollars.

              Honestly, the price is negotiable. My current 13" MacBook was purchased in 2009, and I'm looking to buy another 5-10 year laptop
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                Originally posted by aaahaaap View Post
                Michael just wait for one of the new AMD based ThinkPad models (T14, T15), seems like the best offering so far.
                I was looking to buy T14, until I realized that it will have only one RAM slot, so now I am looking for L14, which will have two.


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                  Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post

                  You sound like an envy riddled child. The fact is the satisfactory rate of Macbooks/Macbook Pros leads the industry. Sorry if you can't handle reality.
                  Yes. I'm a envy child, because I'm poor and cannot buy their products. Please...

                  Lets see, in what MacBooks lead the industry? Hum, is the high percentage of keyboard defects, making them change the design twice now? No, is not it. Must be the drastic reduction of available ports, for the sake of selling more expensive adapter docks? No, of course not. Apple would never do that. How about soldering everything on the motherboard, so consumers have no choice but buy better components from Apple. That is a blasphemy! How dare you to think that.

                  By the way, removing that motherboard connector, so the consumer could not remove his/her files from the soldered SSD after a dead motherboard, to sell more subscriptions of Apple's cloud service, was a real class act.

                  BTW, kudos to Tim Cook for doing all this anti-consumer shit and still have the schmucks root for them. That is no easy feat.
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                    Originally posted by Drago View Post

                    I was looking to buy T14, until I realized that it will have only one RAM slot, so now I am looking for L14, which will have two.
                    Where did you find this info? The only tech specs I've found (at about the RAM configuration

                    [edit] seems like it's the same as for the Intel models, one soldered DIMM and one user replaceable DIMM, see
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                      The 4500U is a nice successor for my Ideapad G50-45 A6-6310 (299€ in Aug. 2014). But this time I will also focus on FullHD IPS Display, Non-Realtek-AC-Wifi, dual channel RAM and preferably LVFS support. After 4 years I found H2OFFT-D.exe to upgrade the UEFI under Freedos and it is quite stable, as long as the UI isn't unresponsive for 3 hours or even more. Best trick is to close Firefox before leaving the Notebook alone with powered off screen. With Ubuntu and y2015 Catalyst there was a severe memory leak but not this kind of unresponsiveness you get with the FOSS driver.