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Acer Is Launching In Germany What Could Be A Great AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Linux Laptop

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  • Acer Is Launching In Germany What Could Be A Great AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Linux Laptop

    Phoronix: Acer Is Launching In Germany What Could Be A Great AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Linux Laptop

    For those that have been looking out for an AMD Linux laptop powered by a Ryzen 4000 series processor, Acer is set to launch a new laptop at least in Germany that could be quite appealing to Linux users...

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    i have to admit my last possession of an acer laptop is now over 7 years ago, but acer and asus were always laptop manufacturers where there have been plenty of acpi issues which just didnt make it a good linux desktop poweruser experience.

    maybe this has changed though - waiting for tests on amd 4xxx series laptops.


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      According to it is possible to upgrade RAM to 20GB max..
      There are two slots. One holds a 4 GB piece which is soldered on the mainboard. The other holds a 4GB piece in the moment but it is possible to change it to 16 GB piece at maximum.


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        Michael when AMD or their partners are confident of their hardware support in Linyx, they usually send you a sample, maybe this time they send a Renoir laptop, you might check with System76 if they have something


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          I'm still waiting to see a good AMD ultrabook, something like an XPS or a Zenbook, but currently there is not a single AMD laptop which matches the build quality of the XPS 13 and the likes.

          I'm not holding my breath.


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            Thinkpad T-series. They are well build and always end up on Canonical's list of homologated hardware. Currently there are a bunch of Thinkpads there with Ryzen.

            Hint: the models that end with "5" are the AMD ones.


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              In terms of horrible build quality and cheap build materials Acer and Lenovo are leading the pack by a large margin and I have stopped recommending them years ago. Yeah, they are usually the cheapest.


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                Originally posted by andrei_me View Post
                you might check with System76 if they have something
                I sure hope they have some Ryzen 4000 series notebooks in the works. Their notebook lineup is 100% intel last I checked. I'd love to buy from them, but I won't buy intel.


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                  Other than the Thinkpad X1 Carbon (which sadly, I was very disappointed with), Lenovo's Thinkpad range is still the best (of an admittedly bad bunch). Whilst the build quality certainly isn't getting better, it is miles ahead of Lenovo's consumer range.

                  It is strange, Acers have always felt cheap and plasticy to me but oddly enough they actually last pretty well. The plastic is scuffed but is fairly thick. The screw holes don't turn into dust.

                  I am due a new laptop in about 3 years. By then the Thinkpad X390 will be well supported but if some of these Acer machines are still alive by then (and as cheap as an x390) then I am certainly not religious or loyal to any proprietary hardware manufacturer and might try one out.


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                    The Ryzen5 4500U seems to be a very powerful CPU, for me its the best option for a laptop.
                    The other options have more threads but with lower base clock frequencies..

                    I will only buy one if it has 2 SODIMMs for memory, not the crap of 4GB soldered and 1 SODIMM available, were you don't even have dual channel memory..

                    If its to use it, then.. I want it in full!