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The $199 Motile M141 With AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Offers Surprisingly Decent Performance

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    Just for your information the Silver version is now at $249, I decided to buy it because my old HP-635 is burning up cause the virtual class of my son with Zoom, even at $250 you will never find a Ryzen laptop that fits Linux so good!


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      As for me, the most important thing that Ryzen very good to work with video soft. Moreover, this CPU based on good Zen 2 is now not expensive and it turns out very profitable! You can learn more abot video converters on great professional blog . So study and do!
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        Originally posted by creative View Post
        The ips stuff straight away looks nice, sharp, colorful and luminous out of the box but something about it makes my eyes strain badly. There is just something more organic about twisted nematic.
        Do you have any theory of why it might be the case? Do any of your IPS displays use backlight strobing or PWM?

        A quick search turned up a couple threads on Reddit and such... maybe that was you?

        I found another post by someone who claims neither IPS nor TN worked for them. Their solution was in the form of a VA monitor. Of course, we don't know who that poster is... they could have other motives.

        The only issue I've had with LCDs is just that I'm sensitive to their brightness. Pretty much the first thing I do is turn down the contrast.


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          $349 at Walmart as of 4/29/2020. )-: