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Ubuntu 19.10 Provides Good Out-Of-The-Box Support For The Dell XPS 7390 Icelake Laptop

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    For those interested in installing Ubuntu on the Dell XPS 13 2=in-1 7390 (Intel Ice Lake) you should realise that Ubuntu does not recognise the built in camera. In otherwords, if you require to use your computer for video conferencing then this is impossible. I've upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 with the understanding that this issue would be resolved, however this is not the case.
    If anyone knows of a solution (believe me I've spent a lot of time looking) please provide an update. This note from the Ubuntu wiki does not provide a lot of hope:

    If the camera is important to you and you need to use Linux, then I would avoid the Dell XPS 2-in-1 7390 laptop.