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Fairphone 3 Pre-Orders Begin For Ethical Smartphone With Better Specs Than The Librem 5

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    I don't want more pixels. That reduces the sensor cell size, which means they are more prone to noise.

    What I want is a high-aperture large sensor, as these deliver the highest sensitivity to light and hence much less noise.
    I don't think large sensors are the best way to go. They need large optics (expensive) and large chips (very expensive). Instead, the virtual aperture route (with multiple sensors and optics) seems quite a bit smarter, essentially doing the same as AMD with its chiplets.
    Well, of course, unless your chip design is smart enough to compensate for defects... like this huge chip they introduced recently. That's an option as well. But I think optics suffer the same yield issue (you can likely correct this in software, though).

    Edit: and forgot to post my main point:
    Are the modules backwards/forward-compatible with FP2? That would be the ethical thing to do!


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      Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
      I believe that you are saying that FP3 uses the already developed drivers for Android,
      And so, to have hardware support in Sailfish OS, or other, they need to created drivers for that OS..
      Because having the OS running in the Hardware processor,
      But without the possibility to use a lot of the hardware in the phone, is a very limited thing for a final user.
      No. you don't need special drivers for SFOS. That's what libhybris is for.