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Fairphone 3 Pre-Orders Begin For Ethical Smartphone With Better Specs Than The Librem 5

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    Originally posted by Remdul View Post
    Android devices cannot fully function without violating European human rights/privacy laws
    so android is banned in europe, right?
    Originally posted by Remdul View Post
    With a bit of luck, the US Huawei ban will block Huawei from licensing Android, and lead to diversification the mobile OS landscape,
    billion of chinese smartphones are blocked from licensing android, so they are using aosp, which doesn't care about us bans. the power of opensource! against diversification, apparently


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      Originally posted by Serafean View Post
      - Librem 5: your device, your rules. Privacy 1st class citizen. Repairablility 2nd class citizen. Hardware limited by availability of GPL drivers.

      - Fairphone: Device controlled by google, but materials are sourced ethically. Repairability 1st class citizen. Privacy not looked at. Hardware limited by manufacturing.
      apparently gpl drivers are more costly than ethical manufacturing


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        Originally posted by LightDot View Post
        Wow, you'd be totally fine with paying as much as $50? That's great man!

        But.. uhm... you seem to be completely oblivious to the world you live in, not to mention also quite delusional at the same time.

        Just because we'd like to have free software that can be installed on any phone (and indeed we do have!), does not mean that the phone manufacturers and service providers will let us install it.

        If you can get over this minor obstacle, go right ahead, take the software that will run on Librem and install it on any phone you'd like. It's free, you don't even have to shell out your precious, an completely delusional, $50.

        Why delusional? Because you seem to think that shelling out $50 will get Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. to let you go. Well, news flash for you, they won't let you go and Librem doesn't have a magic wand to make them.

        We live in a world of walled gardens, where phone manufacturers and service providers such as Google or Amazon control your data and can prevent you from installing software on the hardware you think you own (you certainly paid for it with cash and personal information...). And not only that, such manufacturers and providers can install or uninstall any software they choose to from your devices, without your... well... interference.

        "No user meddling needed or required on your phone, no sir! Just go ahead and YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/purchase crap/waste time/pollute or whatever you do daily, dear user, leave all the rest to us! No, we won't be taking your $50, thank you! We already took your life and take most of the money we let you have, keep the 50. Yes, really, keep it! You know what, come to think of it, we'll double your 50! Yes, we'll double it! just visit Amazon and treat yourself with our select line of products! Aren't we amazing!"

        So no, they won't let you go and if you think that simply shelling out $50 will change that, than you are indeed completely and utterly delusional.

        The sad thing is, we let them put us in such a situation, by being passive, giving in to capitalist consumer society and letting our governments be run by corporate lobbies that enable monopolies.

        RMS was and is completely right and we are, indeed, sheep / idiots / morons / cretins whatever anyone would like to call us.

        Now, when someone stands up and fights against this in practically the only way they can, by issuing their own hardware and putting the plans, the software and the communication infrastructure into public reach, they get... laughed at?

        O my, what an id...... err... sorry.



        WAKE UP

        Not total agreement, but, overall, very good post!


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          You want transparency and honesty in the development of a $160 secure Linux phone?
          Try these on for size...

          Upcoming Product: More PinePhone Details from TL Lim

          and, from UBPorts...

          UBPorts Forum--

          (read to the very end)

          PinePhone Wiki

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            Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

            They have not ripped us off. The extra cost isn't "inflated". It's the privacy bits which aren't present in other phones, plus the reduced size of the batch.
            So your saying majority of the cost is in the software included. Ok.,.


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              Originally posted by DMJC View Post
              Librem 5 isn't about the performance, it's about the control of the phone by the user. Actual Adblock on a phone is worth giving up some ram/storage. The mobile web experience on the Librem will completely cream the other phones. Hell Youtube adblock is a killer app.
              Actual addblock on a phone could well make it a lot more performant than it might otherwise be at that spec. level anyway. Just how much of our compute resources are sucked away by spinning doodads and other such crap in our phones/browsers these days anyway?


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                Originally posted by theriddick View Post

                So your saying majority of the cost is in the software included. Ok.,.


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                  If I have to put up with hybris to get a decent distro running with all the important often-problematic hardware working (gpu, radios, and whatnot) (i prefer GPS and camera to _not_ have working drivers, but if they're there, I won't complain) , that's a no-go.

                  Hey, I like the concept of Halium (and I've messed with it quite a bit), but porting is painful. It's a useful kludge for garbage hardware, but I don't want garbage in the first place.

                  I'm staying with my old nexus 4 (because hybris already works) until someone can sell me a phone that isn't trash. Looks like Pinephone's going to win the race. I don't like the mali GPU, but IIRC, the free software drivers aren't _terrible_ anymore.

                  I miss my n900.


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                    Originally posted by Girolamo_Cavazzoni View Post
                    Yes, it has. Owner of FP2 (LineageOS without Google) here.
                    I was looking into the specs,
                    And I don't see there FM Radio, for the FP3..

                    It could be that they forget to advertise it..


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                      Originally posted by pal666 View Post
                      someone has to develop alternative os, port it to hardware of your phone and develop apps for it. i don't think they developed android, so they can't develop alternative os. but you can ask alternative os vendor to provide build for fairphone
                      It would be nice, if SailishOS could have support for it( maybe FP3 teaming up with SailfishOS team..)

                      I believe that you are saying that FP3 uses the already developed drivers for Android,
                      And so, to have hardware support in Sailfish OS, or other, they need to created drivers for that OS..
                      Because having the OS running in the Hardware processor,
                      But without the possibility to use a lot of the hardware in the phone, is a very limited thing for a final user.

                      It could work, tough, for someone that is developing for that OS + hardware.

                      Any way,
                      FP3 seems that doesn't have FM Radio( or is not advertised ..? ), which is a deal breaker for me..