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Google Does A Good Job Sticking Close To Upstream For Their Linux Kernels On Chromebooks

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    Originally posted by ed31337 View Post
    I want a tablet that runs Linux proper and doesn't heat the house up. Something with a large amount of RAM (like 16GB) would be great. I love my Android tablets for being silent, energy efficient, but I can't run Qt Creator on those to do my development work and the RAM at 1GB is too tight.
    Something like HP Elite x3 1013 G3 (status) and Dell Latitude 7285 (strictly for usage without keyboard, as there is hardware issues with keyboard that Dell is not going to resolve, and Linux-specific issues in BIOS on top) could give you 16 GB RAM. If you are ok with 8 GB RAM then there is Lenovo Miix 520 (for now only without keyboard and pen) and many other tablets.


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      [email protected]:~$ cat /proc/version
      Linux version 4.19.34-04457-g5b63d4390e96 ([email protected]) (Chromium OS 9.0_pre353983_p20190325-r9 clang version 9.0.0 (/var/cache/chromeos-cache/distfiles/host/egit-src/clang.git 171531e31716e2db2c372cf8b57220ddf9e721d8) (/var/cache/chromeos-cache/distfiles/host/egit-src/llvm.git 5077597e0d5b86d9f9c27286d8b28f8b3645a74c) (based on LLVM 9.0.0svn)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon May 13 14:27:24 PDT 2019

      Doesn't sound that upstream though.

      I guess it only applies to intel SoC's.