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    Hi all,

    Hopefully I've posted this in the correct place. Basically, I'm thinking of getting a new laptop soon and I'm looking for some advice/help. Also, I don't want to spend a fortune, but at the same time, don't want to scrimp scrape because I want the laptop to last quite a while; so I want best value for money more or less.

    I have a VAIO atm, have had it for just over two years now and can probably hold onto it for a bit longer, but it is starting to become a bit slow and even crashing at times...i actually got the dreaded 'blue screen' not long ago!! legit work from home business
    So yeah, I was thinking of getting another VAIO or even HP or somethign like that, but since looking into Dell's offers, it seems that majority of the time with VAIO's etc you are paying for the brand and style, not so much substance...if that makes sense.

    So, I have my eye on the new Dell Inspiron 1525...but, I'm just not 100%...a lot of my firends are like "oh, a Dell..." lol, but I don't see what's so wrong with them, they seem to offer extremely good value for money!! Is there something shifty im missing about them? lol
    ANyways, so, if someone who really knows their comps (which im presuming is most people here :P ) could take a look at the specs of this one and let me know their honest opinion, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, I would be using intensively everyday for uni and general personal use. I'm constantly word processing, surfing the net etc etc...very rarely would i use it to play games tho...I more want it to be able do things quickly and smoothly and yeh, would this specific Dell suit such things??

    Are there any upgrades to the particular model people think i should look into?

    And one final thing, i notice that when it talks about says shared with graphics...what does this mean? and is it a good/bad thing?

    Any help greatly appreciated