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To Little Surprise, Many Linux Apps Run On The Librem 5 Linux Smartphone

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    Originally posted by DoMiNeLa10 View Post

    You can run Emacs locally and use TRAMP to edit on a remote machine as if you were doing it locally.

    Graphical Emacs provides fringes, superior keyboard handling (try typing C-M-V in your terminal, for instance, it cannot be sent properly due to limitations in ASCII), ability to display pictures if you need to, the ability to handle more fonts, pixelwise resizing, and that's just a short list of things I remembered on the spot.
    I never knew about C-M-V, seems super useful Oh yeh, TRAMP.. that's a good point. I guess I'm happy with how my Emacs looks, and I like that it's a tab in my screen session, but I guess I should try the graphical version for a bit.


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      @ 30 --
      "Are you on mobile?..."

      Yes. 2 meters. Loads of fun.


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        Hey I think it's cool. They obviously aren't hitting that hardware ship target, but I've seen loads of applications come together, and there are now layout addon libraries for GTK+3 which make providing UIs at different sizes straightforward. People have been complaining about GNOME becoming touch-oriented for a long time now, it's time to cash in on that alleged touch-oriented UI! :- )


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          Originally posted by danmcgrew View Post

          Originally posted by profoundWHALE
          "...The difference is that Librem 5 will actually have one cohesive experience so it should be more streamlined. The cost of the pinephone is so low because it's missing some components that you'd find in a smartphone,let alone the developer support which I'm willing to bet that it doesn't have the same level of it."
          And I'm willing to bet that you haven't even read the material on Pine's website concerning the PinePhone because you find it much easier and self-serving to spout personal opinion than to actually have to think for yourself. Pathetic.
          You know, you're the one who has been going around and ranting at anyone who gave it anything less than a glowing recommendation. Settle down.

          Originally posted by danmcgrew View Post
          Missing components? No developer support such as you, profoundWHALE, get from all your 'SMARTphone" suppliers? You need to see about a getting a refund from those SMARTphone suppliers of yours--they haven't done you any good at all.
          I honestly cannot follow your ramblings.

          Originally posted by danmcgrew View Post
          You need a serious lesson in being rational. Try getting a RationalPhone. Smartphones are definitely not working in your case.
          Yeah that's a big yikes from me.

          Originally posted by danmcgrew View Post
          Need any more examples of Olympian statements and strictly personal opinion, folks? And lack of critical thinking skills? Don't go away; there will be more...
          So I searched online for "Olympian statements" and came to the conclusion that you just use words you hear randomly to sound intelligent.

          Also, I love that you threaten people who talk about the phone with more incoherent ramblings. Good luck 🤡


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            Purism has also upstreamed changes to some of those listed/relevant apps, which ensures a smoother integration into their mobile ecosystem.

            Onward and upward <3