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    I have the MSI Wind. I love it. I did want one that came with Linux pre-installed, just to test out what they're shipping with these. But again, I wanted the higher end specs, and it came with only windows. I got the U100-280us (pink, for my wife and daughter). I've loaded Ubuntu 8.10 and the only 2 things I had to do was download a wireless driver that someone on the forums has as a .deb file. Then I downloaded and built the latest v4l2 drivers to get the bison webcam to work properly with cheese and skype. I'm testing the netbook-remix on it. I'm not sure if I like it enough to use full time or I will just use the normal configuration.

    Someone also makes a remix of PCLinux for eeePc, wind, acer One, and maybe one other netbook. I tried the wind version and the webcam and wireless worked no problem. The icons and things seem to be too small to me and I like Ubuntu better, and the kernel and packages are more up to date with Ubuntu.

    When I get home, I'm going to post my phoronix-test-suite memory benchmarks comparing onboard 1gb, onboard 1gb + 1gb addon, and 2gb addon with onboard disabled, and with overclocked settings.
    I like the factory 24% overclock feature.


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      the 2gb onboard is 1gb onboard with 1gb addon, the 2gb addon means the onboard is disabled. to see the overclocked memory... 24%.


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        What a great netbook... *dream*
        If I could buy it without windows, I'd buy it at once. It is clearly the best netbook available for the price and especially linux users read up on those topics before buying.

        Shame on you samsung that you don't provide this laptop without supporting microsoft.

        Is there a place where I can complain about this?
        Aaaargh... -.-

        I want this netbook, but I won't buy it, as long as I support microsoft with it. Stupid thing. Almost every netbook is available without windows. Only this one it the exception. That's bad luck.


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          I want the NC20, it has the Nano

          But, like the poster above, I won't buy it if it gets counted as a windows sale.


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            Yes, the NC20 is really nice, too. Though it's maybe a bit too expensive for me, but looks really great. Is almost a subnotbook imo. Maybe coreboot will be able to run on it, via supports coreboot better than intel for example.

            Probably I'd buy it anyway, if it comes without windows.

            By the way, I wrote an email to Samsung and complained about the forced windows. Maybe we can change something, if this do really many people.


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              Its good that Acer has launched its new and vibrant range of netbooks with very advanced features.I was only searching for such a highly featured PC. I m surely gonna buy one.

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