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The Smach Z AMD+Linux Gaming Handheld Might Actually Ship This Year

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    Originally posted by DoMiNeLa10 View Post
    C probably isn't that much faster than the Nintendo Switch
    Going by the specs it should be roughly twice as powerful as a Switch. Although it will also pull more power. So battery and cooling specs would be interesting. I guess it won't be running at max speed.


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      Originally posted by thebishop View Post
      We've already seen Nvidia try their hand at a portable with the Shield. Maybe it's time AMD does the same, but with x86 inside.
      That. A Zen 2 APU sounds like it would be perfect for that task.

      I figure that they'll likely partner with Sony or Microsoft to make a portable PS or Xbox that plays their console games at lower graphical settings to get some of that Switch "play the same games on the go and at home" thunder. With the PS5/XB2 using upgraded hardware of the same architecture which allows offering backwards compatibility, an APU that sits somewhere in-between last gen and next gen in regards to performance that also uses the same architecture sounds like an ideal platform for either Sony or MS to use as the basis for a portable console.