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The Smach Z AMD+Linux Gaming Handheld Might Actually Ship This Year

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  • The Smach Z AMD+Linux Gaming Handheld Might Actually Ship This Year

    Phoronix: The Smach Z AMD+Linux Gaming Handheld Might Actually Ship This Year

    Remember the Smach Z from 2015 as the portable AMD-powered Linux Steam gaming system? It went back to the drawing board but now it looks like it will actually ship in 2019...

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    Sure is a substantial upgrade over their old one. Those specs are actually pretty impressive for a handheld device.


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      hmm... would be cool but after seeing all the videos StopDrop&Retro has made on youtube about this, I am very skeptical .


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        According to YouTube promo videos - this console is using Windows 10.

        Anyway - even scam "start-ups" have enough money to prepare beautiful (and in most cases - fake) PR videos... This SMACH Z promos are pathetic.

        Maybe it is better that it is not related with Linux? Linux gaming require success - it require serious company with money. Linux do not need failures like this SMACH Z or this weird thing called Atari VCS (except name - not related to real Atari). Please Valve - try again with Steam Machines! Now with Steam Proton and perhaps with agreement with BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat to support Steam Play - it could be success...


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          They've been in the AMD booth with AMD at some trade shows etc, so I don't think it's a scam.

          Still haven't seen a single picture of it running Linux though...


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            Great for playing Xonotic on the go! Typo:

            Originally posted by phoronix View Post
            ghoes up to around


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              I'd be very excited for this if the fit and finish was up to the quality of a PS Vita or Samsung Galaxy phone or something. Over $600 is a really tough ask from a totally unknown hardware vendor like this. Also, if this company can put together those chips in a reliable form factor, I will cross my fingers that a more established OEM can do it for less. We've already seen Nvidia try their hand at a portable with the Shield. Maybe it's time AMD does the same, but with x86 inside.


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                Considering the price (over twice as much for the base model, which probably isn't that much faster than the Nintendo Switch), the fact it's crowdfunded (which at this point devolved into handing people money for half-assed product years after their supposed delivery date, or just nothing in most cases), I'd say this thing is dead on arrival. I'd rather get a GPD WIN 2 if I wanted a tiny computer, considering that it's real, it's out on the market right now, and having a proper keyboard makes it more usable.

                Oh, and considering videos showing evidence prototypes are fake, I'm pretty certain this is nothing but a scam. Expect more "technical issues" down the road.


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                  Looks like it comes with SMACH OS, which is Linux based but for $89 extra, you can order it with Windows 10 Home.


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                    They use windows at the moment because it's easier for them to start their testings and show AAA games. Most backers care about windows, but a good number of them are ready to use linux only. The team said they are planning to make a modified ark linux. Anyway, users will have the choice, but they will have to buy a windows licence if they want it pre-installed.