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Sailfish OS "Hossa" Upgrades From The Old eglibc 2.19, But Still Relying On GCC 4

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    Originally posted by Hibbelharry View Post

    We do have more than one, and they're all clear on that matter and have been, for more than 10 years.
    You're omitting some crucial information here. GPLv2 and v3 don't prevent one from shipping systems comprising components with both licenses. You might experience issues when linking and compiling code bases that derive from different codes with multiple different licenses, but for example independent utilities and binaries such as bash or gcc will do just fine. You can always do IPC.


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      You cannot link one binary with code you licensed under GPLv2 and code you licensed under GPLv3 together and ship it to a customer. You simply can't.
      This is probably the only major problem of GPLv3 from the standpoint of a free software advocate. But, in some scenarios, it is a dealbreaker.

      Really don't understand why Hibbelharry is getting so much hate here for sharing his insights and experience.


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        Originally posted by ypnos View Post
        Really don't understand why Hibbelharry is getting so much hate here for sharing his insights and experience.
        The thing about Stallman fanboys is that they're... Well... Fanboys and fanboys have a tendency to have some fairly serious mental blockers in place to see issues with the target of their adoration and said people's work.

        I've had several arguments with these types over the fact that you do quite often have to work with externally developed code under a license that may not be GPL v2-compatible and particularly not v3 where you can't just re-license it, replace with something under a GPL-license it or re-write it in-house. Every time they're just as oblivious to these kind of realities that you're going to be facing out in the real world and start accusing you of actually just wanting to do something untoward. Don't get me started on how angry they get when you bring up lGPL, BSD or Apache as less cumbersome alternatives to more featured GPL licenses.

        My suspicion is that most of these people have either never done software development or are still in school.
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